Vmware Pros and Cons Research Paper

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("Standard and Poor's," 2013)

This information, is illustrating the long-term effects of running applications which are compatible with the Linux, OS and Windows-based operating systems. This means that customers are able to create solutions which will meet their needs and can work with a variety of devices in the process. It is at this point, when they will have greater amounts of flexibility. That enables them to adjust with the various challenges they are facing. This helps clients to evolve with shifting demands inside their sector and the business itself. ("Standard and Poor's," 2013)

Furthermore, Sherwood (2013) determined that VMware has the experience in becoming the first company to offer cloud solutions to cliental. At the same time, they are creating new application utilizing a hybrid cloud. This is when they are using a series of hypervisors to give them greater amounts of flexibility in determining their needs. The result is that the company is the marketplace and will remain at the top of this position for the next several years. This enables them go directly up against any competitor and maintain their lead. (Sherwood, 2013)

The information from this source is showing how VMware has been able to adjust to changes in the markets by offering customers with innovative solutions. This allows the firm to offer cliental with something more that is addressing their needs. In the future, Sherwood believes that these shifts will help the company to deal with critical challenges it is currently facing. (Sherwood, 2013)

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As a result, one could argue that these changes are a part of an effort to understand and deal with problems which have been plaguing the firm over the last two years. This means that any kind of concerns are short sided by failing to understand the steps the management is taking to address them in the longer term. It is at this point, when it will be able to regain market share and directly challenge other competitors who do not have these kinds of products and services available to cliental. (Sherwood, 2013)

Research Paper on Vmware Pros and Cons of Assignment

Furthermore, the University of Illinois conducted an independent analysis on the advantages of utilizing VMware (in the source titled The Benefits of VMware). They determined that in addition to the other strengths discussed earlier, there is one critical factor that makes this the solution of choice (i.e. lower costs). This takes place through server consolidation. Under this program, the University was able to free up more data space, improve security protocols and increase productivity. This resulted in them seeing a 75% decrease in their IT budget from working actively with VMware to address the various challenges they are facing. When this happened, they began to offer students and staff with more innovative programs and access to a larger amount of information. This helped to contribute to an increase in enrollment and enabled the school to remain one of the most competitive academic institutions in the country. ("The Benefits of VMware," 2013)

The information from this source is useful in demonstrating how VMware is reducing the costs for cliental. This enables them to have the customized solutions that address their current and future needs. Once this takes place, is the point these improvements allow them to be more responsive to stakeholders from working with a reliable partner they can count on. ("The Benefits of VMware," 2013)

McCarthy (2012) is adding to these conclusions by showing how there are specific factors that are giving VMware a distinct advantage over other firms. He conducted a survey of 100 business executives and found that the company is the preferred IT service provider in contrast with other organizations. This is because they are focusing on giving cliental greater flexibility in customizing specific platforms to meet their different needs. (McCarthy, 2012)

The table titled Appendix 1: McCarthy Study is illustrating these results. The main reason why so many executives overwhelmingly prefer these solutions are: they can be integrated with their different programs, they provide them with greater amounts of flexibility, they have better support and cliental could more effectively understand / adapt to these applications. (McCarthy, 2012)

This has led to the company adapting and evolving to the changing needs of customer. The result is that VMware is redefining the industry and the kinds of products / services they are providing to cliental. This is giving them a distinct advantage over other firms and the kinds of solutions they are delivering in the process. (McCarthy, 2012)

The information from this source is illustrating why so many organizations are choosing VMware over others in the marketplace. This is because the company has been focusing on providing them with superior products and services. These factors enable executives to address their IT needs and increase productivity. When this happens, the organization is more responsive to their customers and can remain competitive. In many ways, one could argue that executives at a variety of different firms will look exclusively at the bottom line results. VMware is the one firm that will help them to meet key objective and increase their ability to adapt to changes inside the marketplace. (McCarthy, 2012)

At the same time, VMware has forged critical alliances with organizations such as Cisco. The basic idea is to offer everyone with greater amounts of flexibility in using the power and the solutions of both to help them achieve key objectives in the process. Evidence of this can be seen with information provided by Cisco (in the document titled Why Choose Cisco and VMware). They determined that this partnership allows customers to receive a number of benefits by working with the two organizations simultaneously. The most notable include: widely adopted virtual platforms, superior price to performance ratios, a simplified provisioning / operations model, uncompromised user experiences and an accelerated ROI utilizing competitively priced infrastructure. ("Why Choose Cisco and VMware," 2014)

These insights are showing how the alliance between these firms enables customers to receive better service and support. This means that they can address critical challenges they are facing and more effectively adjust to shifts inside the marketplace. When this happens, they will have state of the art solutions utilizing the integrated power of two organizations. ("Why Choose Cisco and VMware," 2014)

The information from this source is useful, in demonstrating how strategic alliances allow VMware to offer cliental with something more. This enables them to give a variety of companies' better solutions which are customized for addressing these needs. Over the course of time, this enables them to evolve and adapt to the challenges they are facing in a globalized marketplace. At the same time, they can take advantage of new opportunities and become more effective in reaching out to new markets. ("Why Choose Cisco and VMware," 2014)

Moreover, Chao (2014) determined that VMware is going through a transition. This is because the last two years, involved the firm focusing on these shifting needs and spending tremendous amounts of resources to enhance their competitive position. During an interview with the CEO, she concluded that any kinds of setbacks will be temporary. This is based upon the new applications which are being rolled out by the firm. (Chao, 2014)

Evidence of this can be seen with Martin Casado (the CEO) saying, "We're at the point where we want to focus on getting customers into production and being successful at scale. VMware will continue working on general product development and evolution. We're going to continue to re-implement networking pieces within the virtual domain so that more and more falls under the scope of these network virtualization platforms. Network virtualization has the potential to 'totally change the security paradigm.' The hypervisor and virtual network is a 'Goldilocks Zone' for security, he said: close enough to applications to provide meaningful visibility and semantics, but far enough away to create isolation, therefore neither too hot nor too cold. This Goldilocks Zone allows for deeper, more contextual knowledge and insight of application processes and user behavior than what a traditional, hardware-based network can provide and can then make that information available for security devices like next-generation firewalls. I think this really is, by itself, pretty revolutionary. So a lot of focus is going to be, how do we use this position to get more visibility, and do we push that throughout the virtual network to get more and ubiquitous enforcement, independent of what's running and what's moving around the topology. Overall, VMware plans to harness the unique capabilities of virtualized networks to enable what he described as ubiquitous, very context-aware security." (Chao, 2014) This is illustrating how the company understands these issues and they have been continually evolving with them. As a result, this is indicating that the firm is releasing new products and services to evolve with them. (Chao, 2014)

The information from this source is useful in understanding and addressing key challenges which could be having a negative impact on VMware. The long-term effects are that the firm understands… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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