Voice Over Internet Protocol Essay

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In some cases, a user would simply need Ethernet connection or to connect T-1 in order to make a call for free. Portability is a major advantage of the protocol unlike the legacy phone system where the user cannot move his/her phone to another location and use the same phone number assigned to his/her dedicated line.

Third, VoIP systems are attractive because they support easy integration with other solutions that contribute to efficient communications and enhanced collaboration. Many companies are using the protocol to enhance the efficiency of their communication systems and collaboration. VoIP is collaborative with various systems such as legacy equipment, unified communications systems, and proprietary collaborative solutions. The other advantage of the protocol is that it supports rich media communications, which has become a huge demand by users in today's society. Rich media service is achieved through easy integration with other applications and protocols that provide users with several alternatives and generates new markets in the communications industry.

Disadvantages of Using VoIP:

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Since Voice over Internet Protocol is still an emerging technology, it is characterized by some disadvantages that hinder its complete effectiveness. Nonetheless, the technology becomes increasingly reliable and generates more acceptance as standards are developed. One of the disadvantages of VoIP is the lack of continuous service during a power outage. Unlike regular phones, IP phone calls are relatively impossible when power goes out. This implies that VoIP phone service is only available when there is uninterruptible power supply or the use of battery backups or power generators ("The Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP," n.d.).

Secondly, the protocol's phone service cannot be used for emergency calls because of difficulties in determining the origin of the call. It is not easy to determine the location of an individual making IP phone calls and therefore challenging to provide emergency service like emergency 911 calls. Despite of various initiatives undertaken to address the issue such as e911, inability to provide emergency service remains a major disadvantage of VoIP systems.

Essay on Voice Over Internet Protocol Assignment

The third disadvantage is the voice quality of the protocol with regards to the quality and reliability of sound. In most cases, data transmitted via the Internet including voice data usually arrives at the specific destination in a scrambled form. While this may not be a significant issue for e-mail or documents, it is a major disadvantage for voice data. The scrambled order of voice data affects the real-time nature of VoIP since some packets may be dropped if they do not arrive in time. Voice quality of VoIP systems is also affected because it is dependent on broadband connection, type of service from the service provider, hardware, and call destination. The quality and reliability of a user's broadband Internet service and limitations of the computer determine the quality of voice data in these systems.


Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary emerging technology that is gradually transforming the world's phone system and communications industry. This transformation is attributed to the ability to transmit voice data through Internet protocol or intranet. VoIP achieves this by converting analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. This revolutionary technology is associated with several advantages including low cost, portability, and easy integration while its disadvantages include interruptions of continuous service during a power outage and problems with reliability and quality of voice data.


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