Voice Technologies Term Paper

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Voice Technologies

The past standards in catering to the clients of an organization are fast being replaced by the pressures from a group of clients, associates and workforce who are more and more impacted by a societies whose mobility is on the rise, and which are looking for products as well as services within a setting wherein the lag period among innovation as well as its maturity is becoming lesser. Maintaining pleasing, and effectively providing services to clients in an effective manner needs novel potential to provide support, interact with and know the clients. (Nuance: Conversations-Europe, Cannes) the match between the task and the technology, environment and guidance provided are found to be the distinguishing elements in adopting voice technology in a fruitful manner. (Goette 237) Across the world, outlays in favor of voice technology are rising at an alarming pace. Because of their better economic situation, increased investments in technology and better evolved client service, Europe as well as the U.S. presently lead in the business of voice technology. (Investment in Voice Technology Increases)Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Voice Technologies Assignment

Several businesses such as Microsoft, Google, TellMe, and so on are adding voice technology within their various products, because of their penchant for garnering advertising incomes, looking to merge navigation, telephone as well as the net. At the moment Google as well as TellMe have voice technology in their mobile services. (Trojey 6) the wide-ranging compatibility for the creation of services which are voice-based throughout its technology platform as well as software of applications has been promoted by Oracle Corporation. In keeping with this endeavor, Oracle stated that its product of Oracle9i relating to wireless application server would emerge as the industry's foremost server of application to present a voice support that would facilitate various product makers to make and install these servers for single application in relation to a particular interface, i.e. internet, wireless technology or that of the voice-based technology. Besides, voice technology would emerge as an important constituent of other Oracle products as well as services, inclusive of the OracleMobile Online Studio, Oracle E-Business Suite as also the Oracle JDeveloper. Oracle's overall dedication to make compatible voice-based technology to business information systems would hasten the recognition of voice-based technology within the business world. In order to achieve the same, Oracle is jointly co-operating with other voice-based technology giants such as Vail Systems, Motorola, Intel, Speech Works, Nuance, and so on to present clients end to end voice-based technological applications. (Oracle embraces voice technology on all products) in this paper we shall deal with voice technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP, Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech and its use and application in business Information systems.


With regard to the various voice technology products, Voice Internet Protocol -- VoIP is fast substituting the ordinary type. The initial implementers who are successful concentrate on realizing business goals. These businesses even take into account the manner in which to propel Voice Internet Protocol potential to the broader firm, utilizing everybody as a source. The installation might be a gradual process; however firms imagine regarding where Voice Internet Protocol could be used in future. Managers question what their activities would become, if they were capable of bringing their entire workforce, clients, distributors and various partnership units on a common platform inside a virtual room, having common accessibility to all the latest communication technology. They have a renewed insight regarding their various processes to locate regions wherein increased personalized interactions could remove the holdups and improve upon the quality. Here the vital point of division is not among the businesses which have installed Voice Internet Protocol and which haven't or among the businesses which accepted Voice Internet Protocol in the initial stages and the late adopters. On the contrary it is among those who view Voice Internet Protocol as simply a novel process to perform the similar previous exercises and those who make application of the same to alter their complete business altogether. (Werbach 142)

The features that render Voice Internet Protocol so dominant is that it converts voice technology into that of the digital-based data packages which is capable of storing, copying, mixing with other forms of data, as well as sending the same to any gadget that is connected with the net. It considers it easy to extend all operational features of a large business telephone call attributes, and security in favor of anybody irrespective of his geographical location where broadband is present. This supports novel types of businesses like call centers, wherein agents who are separated by much wider geographies carry out their duties during all times by working from their place of residence. (Werbach 143) the design of the network with regard to voice technology is crucial and it is known as the Quality of Service and these endeavor to guarantee no disruptions in voice interactions. These further assist in dispatching bigger files through the link of the cable modem and in case a Voice Internet Protocol telephone is made use of, then portions of the file will not get separated while in transit. Therefore, it guarantees that messages are transmitted precisely. (Boney 91)

For the first time, during the year 2005, North American businesses purchased increased novel net-telephone lines compared to conventional lines. Voice Internet Protocol is basically transforming the manner in which businesses make use of voice communications. An important factor responsible for this is the cost factor. (Werbach 143) it is a fact that several organizations has been persuaded to make huge spending to deploy and continue with the available PBX systems that they are getting services from. Conversely, while they convert voice in packages form and transmit it across Voice Internet Protocol, this will entail a huge savings annually. (Fong; Sinclair 2) it has been observed that the application of Voice Internet Protocol could be made as an alternative to the earlier practice of the conventional telephone systems in business and additional services can be provided to that. While this is made use of in place of conventional phone processes, it is normally observed that it comes at a reduced expense for every call being made. (Wallingford 1)

Telecom giant at&T appreciated the advantages that Voice Internet Protocol offers in assisting their workforce to formulate methods for functioning in an efficient manner and lower expenses of functions for the organization. at&T attempted to reduce expenses by means of telework systems and Voice Internet Protocol promoted a great deal in this regard. As per the at&T calculations, the saving of $180 million annually was possible by means of telework. A considerable portion of that is in real estate and on that score there is a saving of $34 million annually. The benefits that are witnessed as a result is that around 30% of at&T executives are presently working round the clock at a virtual office of the company. In case of virtual office employees, Voice Internet Protocol reduces telecom expenses up to 60% of the total costs. For at&T, every call is transmitted via the internet through the network of at&T MPLS and such an activity allows the company to discourage other types of systems to make phone calls for employees who work from their homes. This leads to a monthly savings of U.S.$20 per staff as per the estimation of at&T. The amount per call has also reduced. Soft phones which are accessible for reduced price of U.S.$50 that could be operated via staff laptops are presently capable of functioning as phones with all characteristics. (Making the Case for VoIP)

Other than at&T, there is another firm which is making use of Voice Internet Protocol technology and it is Grant Thornton LLP. Having offices in 50 locations within America, the company constitutes the biggest accounting company in the U.S. catering to the mid-market customers in the private as well as public arena. Because of the huge expansion for a lot of Grant Thorton customers during the period of the 1990s, it was apparent that in the event the company had to persist offering enhanced quality of services to its clients at the time of staying accountable for its profits, it required to fine-tune its interaction processes to cope up with the rising co-operative as well as changing characteristics of the business. This was the factor for the company to modify its communication process. There was a need for the business to be enabled to partner with its customers and concurrently have the capability to render the service from varied places. (Understanding VoIP: Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge)

It was at this point that Grant Thornton changed their network processes from ineffective and focuses on high-cost point-to-point circuits to that of a prominent configuration that gives defect-avoidance and takes full advantage of the bandwidth allocated, leading to substantial savings. The present condition is poised to a state that involves a savings of $170,000 annually in rent as well as facilitation expenses by Grant Thornton. Plus the continuing analysis remains that savings on this account will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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