Volcanic Activity and the Consequent Geological Hazard Term Paper

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¶ … volcanic activity and the consequent geological hazard namely debris flow. Before beginning to start our summary and review of the chosen article it would be forthright to discuss briefly the other two articles that were overviewed. These include the 'Indonesian eruption of muddy waters' and the 'Volcano hazard management strategies'. The article about Indonesian muddy eruption is the same phenomenon as the one under review where the focus is on strategies to prevent the mud debris flow from sweeping the surrounding settlement regions. It is apt to point here that it is a current problem as the Luis mud volcano is creating havoc in east java. The disaster due to large debris flow is fairly obvious. Several such incidents in the past where the sudden activity from a dormant volcano triggering large and destructive debris flow have been recorded. Mud eruption at the rate of 7000-150,000 cubic metres per day displacing a population of more than 11,000 people gives us a fair indication of the disastrous proportion of such volcanic phenomenon. [David Cyranoski] the other paper was focussed on technological and strategic management techniques for handling geological hazards triggered by tectonic changes. This included several studies by volcanologists, geologists and other scientific teams. This paper concentrates on devising efficient forewarning and evacuation systems in geologically prone regions in order to minimize damage. In particular, the emphasis is on public education and access control systems in place to limit access to dangerous areas. [Ronald W. Perry]Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Volcanic Activity and the Consequent Geological Hazard Assignment

In This paper we review an article, which considers the strategies use to mitigate the effects of volcanic debris flow, which is a prominent problem. The intention behind the choice of the article is that it discusses a simple and effective damage control solution that could be life saving for thousands of people who live in seismically active riverside areas. This problem is particularly amplified in areas where residential zones are adjacent to volcanic landscapes. The analysis of this study assumes importance in view of the fact that the strategies can be very useful in preventing damage from going out of proportion. The recent mud volcano situation in east java in Indonesia where an entire town was totally destroyed is an ideal example, highlighting the importance of research into such damage control mechanisms. The article under review, by Wang Shige, is basically an interventional strategy aimed to study the debris hazard and mechanical systems that can be put in place to mitigate the force and control the debris flow. The researcher suggests a plan of installing low cost slit trap dams as a controlling feature for the debris flow in the Cerro Grande volcanic region of Venezuela. Since there is a large accumulation of material due to volcanic eruptions in the region it is very important that a debri flow control strategy is implemented to prevent the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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