Voting Systems. The Writer Explores Their Use Term Paper

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¶ … voting systems. The writer explores their use and the benefits of that use and makes a recommendation for choosing a system for the statewide New Jersey elections.

The single most important thing that one can do to make their voice is heard into vote in their local, statewide and national elections. The term, "All it takes is one vote" rings true to those who believe strongly in the democratic system. Voting is a privilege afforded to those who live within the United States and each state has its own form of government that is governed by the people who are elected to run it. The New Jersey elections are important as the state legislation body decides many of the issues that are important to people who reside there. The technological boom of the past few decades has provided society with many options in the way of voting systems. Using a statewide universal system for voting will help to eliminate confusion and will standardize the ability to count votes on a statewide basis.


In choosing a voting system to be used on a statewide basis in New Jersey it is important to consider many elements that are important to the voters and the overall democratic system as well.

There are many different values that need to be considered within the process of choosing. Living in a country of democracy provides certain values and rights that accompany the voting process and have an impact on which system would be best for the overall universal use by the voters of New Jersey.

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There are morally relevant facts about elections, voting and technologies that play relevance within the choices available.

One of the most important elements is the need to maintain privacy in voting. For many years it has been said that discussing religion or politics is a social gaffe. Part of that comes from the importance of maintaining privacy in the voting booths. If one is allowed to maintain complete privacy with regards to who and what they vote for and they are assured that their privacy will be maintained they are more comfortable voting their conscious not the way others expect them to vote.

Term Paper on Voting Systems. The Writer Explores Their Use Assignment

One of the most important elements for any electronic system to have is the ability to maintain the voter's privacy.

Democracy is another important element in the voting system. Democracy provides a forum for voters to speak their mind and have their wishes understood through their vote. Any system that is chosen for a universal statewide process must be able to insure that the foundation of democracy is upheld. This means that the chosen system has to be able to provide places for each candidate to be entered. It has to uphold the current laws regarding voting and the choices that are given in each race or for each proposition.

While voting technologies are more advanced today than ever before in the past it is vital that the morally relevant elements of the process be maintained in the process. Technology has taken mankind to heights never before imagined. Today with the click of a mouse one can plan and purchase vacations, manage stock portfolios, chat with friends around the world and shop without ever leaving home. Unfortunately with the new technological abilities comes the ability to hack into the system and manipulate the results.

Every day there are news stories are broadcast about hackers getting into electronic systems and stealing bank and credit card information and using that information to steal funds or merchandise in the name of the person who was violated.

When it comes to the design, choice and implementation of a statewide universal voting system it is vital that the system be as close to error proof as humanly possible to protect the integrity of the democratic system in America. If a hacker is able to ET into the system and manipulate the numbers entire changes can be made and it is feasible that a person who was not elected will be put into office.

For this reason it is important that the system chosen be protected against such events.

MORAL THEORIES when making the determination about which system to use one must also take into account the moral theories of today's society. Theories including deontology and utilitarianism, fairness and virtue are all important when it comes to the fair and humane treatment of people and society. These theories come into play when choosing the best voting system because it is important to apply some of the theory elements to that choice.

The application of deontology to the choosing of a statewide voting system serves as a blueprint for maintaining the moral integrity of that choice. The study or examination of morals and values always serve as a checks and balances system when determining the good of the whole in society. While one system many be better from one person's point-of-view it is important to look at the overall fairness of the system.

For example using a system that is extremely complicated will provide the ability for the more educated and the technologically able voters to vote their voice, but for those who are elderly, not educated as well or not as technically literate will not and could be discouraged enough to not come out to cast a vote at all. In keeping with the importance of democracy and the moral good of being fair in that process it is important to choose a system that will be easy to use as well as accurate and hacker proof.


There is many different types of voting systems available. Before one can begin to choose what would be best for use in New Jersey it is important that one understand how each system works.

Electronic voting is a broad-based term that includes several different systems.

Electronic voting can include kiosks, the Internet, telephones and punch cards as well as the optical scan ballots.

Each of the systems have strong and weak points and each have merit to their use.

Electronic voting systems have been used since the 1960's. At that time the only system available was the punch card system but when it was implemented it was considered state of the art equipment (Electronic Voting (

Paper-Based Electronic System

The paper-based electronic system performs several tasks. It records the votes that the voter chooses, it counts the votes that have been received and it produces an accurate tabulation of the vote on paper cards or sheets. The system also includes a ballot-marking device using a touch screen or another electronic tabulation method.

Direct-Recording Electronic Voting System

The direct recording electronic voting system is used to record votes using a ballot display. This is provided using a mechanical or electro optical component. The voter activates it and the system process the data using a computer program, which records the information from the voter's choices.

Public Network Direct-Recording Electronic Voting System public network DRE voting system is an election system that uses electronic ballots and transmits vote data from the polling place to another location over a public network. Vote data may be transmitted as individual ballots as they are cast, periodically as batches of ballots throughout the Election Day, or as one batch at the close of voting. This includes Internet voting as well as telephone voting (Electronic Voting ("


While each of the systems has the ability to provide accurate an speedy results it is important to be mindful of the voter needs when choosing which one to apply

The global digital divide is a term used to explain the divide that is occurring between the technologically able and the non-able. This division can be caused many factors but the two most important are the financial divide in society and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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