W Vs. Four Seasons Essay

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) but also offers the St. Regis, which is more of a direct competitor to Four Seasons. SPG seeks to offer a streamlined, simple loyal program, offering no blackouts, immediate access and rewards ranging from flights on 30 airlines to rooms. The size of the company and the presence of another major luxury brand within the company enhance the value of this offering. Four Seasons does not have a loyalty program, which is fairly normal for the luxury hotel business (Levere, 2007). Four Seasons had toyed with the idea of a broad loyalty program but has yet to implement it and there is apparently a small, hidden loyalty program accessible by invitation only. This is in keeping with the philosophy that all guests receive great service, that there should not be differentiation in the level of service that people receive.

In terms of amenities, there are also some differences between the brands. W characterizes its amenities as "whatever you want, whenever you want it." This include 24-hour concierge services, gyms with high-end equipment, in-room dining around the clock, and spa services. The gym and spa are branded. All W. hotels also have high end restaurant facilities. There are proprietary bath products and beds as well, to ensure consistency in the in-room experience at W. hotels around the world. The company also offers a number of packages to help encourage customers to take advantage of these other services, adding significant revenue-per-room if the packages are enticing enough to stimulate purchase.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on W Vs. Four Seasons Assignment

The Four Seasons is less standardized, offering a higher degree of location customization for a more unique experience than might be offered at the W. brand. With more business travelers, the Four Seasons places more emphasis on its meeting facilities. However, it enhances its luxury credentials with unique spa and recreation offerings geared to its target audience. Unique services include transportation to your first meeting, twice daily touch-ups to the room, and a health club that combines fitness, spa and healthy eating. Different properties have different focal points, however. For example, Bora has a luxury vacation focus while Toronto has more of a business focus, and this split is found throughout the chain.

Overall, W and Four Seasons are both luxury hotel chains, but they serve very different markets. W is more contemporary in its approach, something that is reflected both in design and in its services. Four Seasons is more classical in terms of its approach to luxury, and many of its hotels also have a business focus. However, they do share certain similarities common at luxury hotels, including an emphasis on service, access to high-end restaurants and attention to detail at all levels of the customer experience.


Levere, J. (2007). Luxury hotel reward programs. Travel & Leisure. Retrieved April 21,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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