Wabash Watershed and Global Essay

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5%. Increased disparity in different regions with respect to the amount of rainfall that is received is also a main issue in the problem caused by global warming and unsustainable use of water. The increase in precipitation is more in tropical regions that already have adequate water reserves in form of rivers, lakes, and sea. On the other hand, the regions with less water supply are having increased number of droughts. Ths, as a result a vicious circle of flash floods and droughts have already been observed in many regions of the world. The evaporation-precipitation cycle has got intensified over the period of last few decades and is likely to remain same in the years to come. The fresh water from watersheds and other water reservoirs such as lakes, rivers and oceans is evaporated fast to cause more rainfall in short periods of time. Thicker clouds are formed due to fast evaporation process which results in heavier downpour as the cycle matures. The total water flowing from continents into the oceans is now being recorded by latest technology employed by NASA and European observatories rather than isolated scientists doing the research. The precipitation and evaporation record of Midwestern regions of the U.S. displays that increased water went into the oceans and more snow got melted in early spring as compared to the previous years.

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Essay on Wabash Watershed and Global Assignment

Humans make choices for their survival as well as creating a more plentiful world for themselves. This includes an increased and unsustainable use of natural as well as manmade resources. Human agency has impact on vegetation, soil, animals, and environment around us. Forests and naturally occurring vegetation is the first causality of human agency. While not replacing the impacted forests with equal vegetation, the large forest lands are turned into barren lands. Grazing has been restricted due to industrial economies and production of all commodities in very large quantities. The human agency on water system of the world is most evident in the degradation of major watersheds of which Wabash watershed is a small instance. The deliberate modification of rivers, building of concrete dams, riverside embankments, and water channel modifications, all are a few examples of human intervention that have caused distortion in the ecosystem (Goudie, 2005). Water channel modification to increase the flow of water is a double edged sword, firstly it disrupts fauna development, and secondly it expedites water flow in flood seasons.


The human intervention could not have been avoided during the long course of history of mankind as man is bound to interact with its environment. However, this interaction and agency could have been more sustained. The people of Wabash watershed may experience adverse impact of global warming in the years to come. The potential impact of such warming of temperatures and associated climatic changes will increase human health issues, negatively impact the water resources, and adversely affect the agricultural and related ecosystem. Heat related deaths, pollution and worsening of air quality, increase in ticks and mosquitos are least negative impact and result in diseases such as West Nile virus. Reduced availability of water in summers, increase in flood related damage, and heavy downpour are the obvious results of life long human agency. Seemingly, the global warming is empirically verified and evidently causing serious impacts on Wabash area. Though, it is not possible to reverse the impact human have created, however it is appropriate to exercise restraint in human activity that adversely effects the ecosystem, specifically the watersheds throughout Midwestern regions. Public health as well as the quality of life in cities of Midwestern states will get affected due to global warming. Three heat waves are estimated to take place each year in the region. Such statistics will have potential implications on governments and people upon the way they conduct activity in cities and rural areas. Though governments have started taking the issue more holistically, a significant modification in human agency pattern is not expected immediately. The research will interest more effort to be put in gauging the impact that distortion of watersheds in Wabash has created.


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