Interview: Wage Issues and Economic Supplements

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[. . .] This is useful for unions because they get more from this company, and it is important for them to show their union members that they are able to stand up to management and defend their rights.

Institutional Issues

This is interview was also conducted with the union representative of the company. Institutional issues must be addressed together with union members in order to determine whether assumptions made on this issue are correct.

Question 1: There are many that consider unions to be political institutions. How do you stand on this?

Answer 1: It can be understandable why some people consider unions to be political institutions. The history of unions is full of examples of unions, union members and leaders that were influential in different political issues. In addition to this, certain unions have been the tool of politicians or state institutions in their attempt to gain in political. This can also be observed in other countries, where union members, like miners have been manipulated by authorities into entering strikes, or even engaging in violent activities intended to counteract the effects determine by other individual associations.

Q2: Do you think this is also the case of Automotive Workers Union?

A2: No, the Automotive Workers Union does not consider that political involvement can be beneficial to our members. We think that it is important to develop strong relationships with the state authorities, and with different parties, but we do not want to favor some of them.

Q3: Are you saying that your union does not have institutional power?

A3: No, I am not saying this at all. Of course our union has institutional power. If we did not have such power, we could not develop strong negotiation sessions with the company's managers.

Q4: How does the company's management acknowledge this power?

A4: By being cautions in our negotiations. They are aware of the fact that we have the power to command our members to go on strike, or to engage in behavior that can damage the company's activity. The management respects our influence.

Q5: How about your union members? Are they satisfied with your work?

A5: Most of the time they are satisfied. We cannot obtain everything we intend to when bargaining with the company, but we obtain better work and pay conditions for them. This makes them trust us, and to tell us what they need.

Q6: What is your opinion on unions that seem to be politically owned?

A6: In my opinion, unions should not interfere with politics. The unions that are associated with politics make a bad name for other unions that have nothing to do with this.

Q7: Do you think that by associating with politics, unions can benefit?

A7: In medium term it is likely that they have important benefits. They benefit from the strong support of certain institutions. But by associating with certain parties, they can reduce their chances of having good relationships with other parties.

Q8: Do you think your union can increase its institutional, power?

A8: The power of you union is developing in accordance with the automotive industry. This business can be developed. If the industry increases, it is likely that our union members number can increase. This means that our institutional power can also increase.


It is obvious that the union representative is aware of the institutional power that the Automotive Workers Union has on the industry. However, the union representative does not want to publicly acknowledge this during the interview. This reaction can be determined by the fact that those unions that are thought of having great power of influence and connections to the political world are not considered as having a good impact on labor relations.

This is because highly institutionalized unions are more difficult to handle. They are considered rigid. This makes it difficult for companies in developing flexible negotiation strategies at the bargaining table. Therefore, it is normal that the union representative does not want the Automotive Workers Union to be associated with such situations.

It is important that the company evaluates the influence that the union has on its workers. By evaluating the level of influence, the company can better understand the union's strategy, and determine what requests they are likely to focus on. This also helps the company adapt its negotiation strategy. Its relationship with the union is also reflected in its relationship with employees. If the company does not respect the union, its employees can take this as a lack of respect towards them. Therefore, the company must increase its attention on relationships with the union. In addition to this, having a good relationship with the union helps the company improve its relationship with employees

However, this does not mean that the company must accept all requests demanded by union leaders. In such cases, the company is likely to reduce its strength, and increase the power of the union. The company's managers must be careful in reaching a balance in their relationship with the union (Budd, 2012). They must keep their strong position in this relationship, while acknowledging the influence and importance of the union. In addition to this, the union and the company must have their interests in mind, but they must focus mostly on the interests and needs of employees. This means that there are situations where employees' needs are not the main focus on union. In such cases unions have political interests that are negotiated with the company. It is important to determine what unions can do for employees and increasing their productivity.

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