Term Paper: Waiting Lines Inventory Management

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Waiting Lines/Inventory Management

Waiting lines derive from demand exceeding capacity over a given period of time. There are six characteristics of lines - the source population; the way in which customers arrive at the service facility; the physical line itself; the way customers are selected from the line; the characteristics of the service facility itself; and the condition of the customers when they exit the system. We manage these characteristics by analyzing the line and how customers move through it. This is done using statistical methods to determine the line that best balances operational efficiency and customer experience.

Restaurants typically handle lines by providing a bar area at which customers can wait comfortably for a table, generating additional revenue for the restaurant as a side effect. Excess capacity can be bad, particularly for businesses with high fixed costs that require constant revenue streams to meet. We define capacity as the greatest potential output that can be achieved by a system.

2) Inventories are non-earning assets in that the goods have been paid for (becoming assets) but are not yet generating… [END OF PREVIEW]

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