Wal-Mart My First Impression Essay

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My first impression of the Wal-Mart website is that it is cluttered. There is no central focus to draw my eyes, only a cacophony of different offers pulling my attention in different directions, and yet not pulling my attention anywhere. If I came to the Wal-Mart website looking for a specific item, there is no search function nor menu on the immediate opening screen. Indeed, there is no search function anywhere on the front page -- the usual departments one might expect from a retailer are not present. I wonder if the presentation of the front page would be different if I had an account. At present, unable to find what I am looking for, I would not be inclined to start an account anyway.

The company appears to use its website as a clearing house. There are a variety of products for the home online, apparently special deals. I see televisions, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, closets, bedding sets and discounted pharmacy prescriptions. There is little sense of focus in the offerings. There is a makeup advertisement in a relatively prominent position, which makes the page look unprofessional -- apparently Wal-Mart needs the cash. I am unsure what customer the website targets. The offerings tend towards home furnishing and decor, which indicates a middle class suburban customer, but there is little indication beyond that of any particular target market in mind.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Wal-Mart My First Impression of the Wal-Mart Assignment

The impression that I get of the company when visiting the website is largely negative. The company appears to be disorganized and not at all attuned to the needs of the customer. The offerings are random and the design is unprofessional. The key features that I expect on the front page of a corporate website -- a menu, a place to log in, and things to guide to me what I want -- simply are not there. The impression I get is not of a company that is the second-largest online retailer in the world, but rather a company that has no idea how to design a website and that has no discernable interest in the needs of the customer. The products sold look cheap, and aside from the randomness of the selections the website appears to offer a fairly narrow range of goods. There is certainly nothing high end about either the presentation of the website nor its offerings.

The Wal-Mart website does have a Store Finder feature. Using this feature, I can find out some general information about the physical store that I visited, such as its hours and the different services it provides. The store is presented on a map as well. There are no specific details about goods available at the store or anything of an in-depth nature.

To test the Google reach of Wal-Mart, I decided to search for a product that was featured… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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