Wal Mart Gender Discrimination Lawsuits Research Paper

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It is interesting that she was only able get hired only after she was told to bench-press 250 pounds, something not obligatory of male workers, as said by the suit.

But, when she asked about becoming an assistant manager, she was told women were barred from supervisory jobs in the auto repair shop. In its place, she was promoted to training coordinator. Besides training mechanics, she was necessary to clean the bathroom, make food for corporation conferences and bake cupcakes for male employees' birthdays. She really got tired of all of this and after three years on the job, she just went ahead and just left sometime in 2000. Port St. Lucie Plaintiff, Lori McCarthy, mentioned several times that throughout her tenure at Wal-Mart, she consistently received high ratings on her performance evaluations. McCarthy was even asked to change places eight times all through my career.

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She went on to state that she did so for the reason that she believed it would increase her possibility of being able to be promoted to Store Manager. However, between 1999 and 2001, all of her eighteen applications for Store Manager Positions were rejected (Wal-Mart Women Plaintiffs File Class Action Lawsuit in Florida Federal Court, 2012). In 1991, she entered the Manager Training Program at the Fort Walton Beach, Florida Wal-Mart. Following her training, her supervisor observed in her performance evaluation that she would make an "outstanding participant of management." Even after getting a good rating, they still chose not to give her the advancement that she wanted. Soon after that McCarthy resigned from Wal-Mart stores on August 31, 2001. In her resignation letters, McCarthy specified that she was "leaving the business for numerous explanations but the main reason [was] my corporation's lack of confidence in her to be a Store Manager.

Research Paper on Wal Mart Gender Discrimination Lawsuits Assignment

Going back to the Zenovdia (Zee) Love v. Wal Mart, The 10 Florida women in a federal lawsuit lent their names to the lawsuit in hopes that it will aid hundreds of thousands of other women who they say were victims of Walmart's discriminatory employment practices at other Walmart stores and Sam's Clubs in Florida and beside the eastern coast. The lawsuit is recognized as being one of four filed nationwide ever since the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2011 threw out a class-action claim filed on behalf of a projected 1.5 million women nationwide who worked at Walmart since December 1998. Walmart administrators at one time contended that the proceedings filed in California, Tennessee Texas, and now Florida will undergo the same destiny as the one that went to the Supreme Court which is be kicked out. However, Ted Leopold, whose Palm Beach Gardens law firm filed the suit in U.S. does not believe is the case (Love et al. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2012). Even though the Supreme Court discovered that the national class-action lawsuit, the biggest in history, complicated too many people with too numerous wide-ranging claims, the county lawsuits will permit women to show that there was a design of discrimination that affected them all.

In summary, it was clear that the gender discrimination case was the first of its kind in the state of Florida. The Love et. al. v. Wal-Mart was the fourth regional discrimination court case that had been filed against Wal-Mart ever since the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2011 overturned a lower court ruling on the national class action against the vendor and delivered new strategies for class actions and Title VII Civil Rights Act occupation discrimination circumstances. However, the women are not backing down and the lawyers believe that this case has a really good chance of actually winning due to the fact that there has been more than one filing the same complaints.

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Wal-Mart Women Plaintiffs File Class Action Lawsuit in Florida Federal Court. (2012, October 4). Retrieved from Cohen Milstein Sellers &… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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