Walmart's Greenwash Sustainability Campaign and the Environment Book Review

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Walmart's Greenwash: How The Company's Much-publicized Sustainability Campaign Falls Short, While Its Relentless Growth Devastates The Environment"

The objective of this study is to explain which statistics from page four that was most surprising or troubling and why. This study will additionally answer as to why Walmart chose sustainability as a corporate strategy and will name three things that the report claims the news media and environmentalists have not paid enough attention to. Finally, this study will explain how Walmart contributes to climate change in ways that are not accounted for in Walmart's own reports.

Troubling Statistics

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The most troubling statistics on page four of the reading in this study entitled "Walmart's Greenwash: How the company's much-publicized sustainability campaign falls short, while its relentless growth devastates the environment" is fir the statistic that shows that there are 'zero' number of times since 2007 that the annual sustainability reports of Walmart have "referenced the company's impact on land use patterns and household driving." ( p. 4) Just as troubling is the number of abandoned stores in Walmart in the United States totaling 152 while simultaneously; Walmart expresses intentions to open a minimum of 210 new stores in the United States. Finally, it is very troubling to read the statistic that Walmart's importing goods from China has resulted in the loss of nearly 200,000 jobs in the United States between the years 2001 and 2006.

Book Review on Walmart's Greenwash Sustainability Campaign and the Environment Assignment

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