Walt Disney Research Paper

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Walt Disney

Disney is a hallmark for successful corporations built through aggressive, innovative, and mostly ethical business techniques. Walt Disney managed to promote and sell his products even in difficult times, when the odds (particularly economic resources) were against him. With respect to its stakeholders, the Walt Disney Company acts in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Company stakeholders include stockholders, customers, debt holders, and employees.

The Walt Disney Company's core mission is that of providing high quality entertainment for the people around the globe. Several things have changed within the company through its existence, but the belief in this core principle has remained the same. And all efforts made along the years have been concentrated in the direction of improving the satisfaction felt by the customers. On numerous occasions, the company's employees themselves argued that it was imperative to possess skills, abilities and desires in the direction of customer satisfaction in order to be considered as an eligible candidate.

The Walt Disney Company has been devoted to keeping strict rules based on organizational behavior. To a certain degree, one can attribute the corporation's success to the fact that it focused on its stakeholders and it generated constructive conflicts, even with the fact that it was at times on the verge of bankruptcy.

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The organizational culture at the Walt Disney Company is constructed on a set of six distinct philosophies:

1. The organization is following a long standing tradition of innovation

2. The company maintains high quality of all the products it offers and generally strives to achieve quality excellence

3. The products and services offered by the company aim at the well being and well development of the communities by providing healthy ideas about families and entertainment products for all generations

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4. The Walt Disney Company implements a long standing tradition of storytelling in the meaning that each individual product has its own story, and this inspires and delights the various stakeholder categories

5. In all of their actions, as well as in their products and services, the firm maintains an unbeatable sense of optimism and focuses on "hope, aspiration and positive resolutions"

6. Finally, the company promises to cherish and respect those who put their trust in the company (The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies Corporate Information Website, 2010).

It is not necessarily surprising that an individual who had not finished high school managed to build one of the largest corporations in the world, given that he chose to employ an essential factor in his line of work-common sense. In spite of the fact that he was not one of the most complex individuals ever, Walt Disney was distinguished through his nature, given that he was devoted to expressing innovative convictions in regard to virtually anything he came across. Disney did not want to give up his principles when concerning his business, but he was aware that one could not achieve success through only being the dreamer that he was and that a company would require a large deal of ethics in addition to that.

Walt Disney was accompanied by his brother, Roy Disney, in building the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (presently known as The Walt Disney Company). All through the course of Walt's life, Roy struggled to bring order into the corporation, often being reluctant to support his brother's ideas.

Capitalist concepts are commonly found in The Walt Disney Company, as its institutions and the way they are governed can be considered to be true examples of capitalism.

When regarding the corporation's relationship to its stakeholders, one can easily understand that it is based on essential moral values. Considering that The Walt Disney Company took the first place "in the Boston College-Reputation Institute 2009 CSR Index which captures public perceptions about companies in the areas of ethics, corporate citizenship, governance and workplace practices" (The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies Corporate Information Website, 2010), it becomes even clearer that it pays special attention to all the people who are connected to it in some way. Because of the relationship The Walt Disney Company has kept with its stakeholders throughout its existence, most of these individuals have come to enjoy their dependence on the corporation.

The standards The Walt Disney Company uses are particular because of their "high-quality entertainment of all kinds, including films, television shows, attractions, consumer products, stores and resorts" (The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies Corporate Information Website, 2010). The corporation requires superior conduct from its employees, so as for them to be able to maintain its values. Also, the employees have to be aware of their statute and of the fact that they have to act in accordance to it. This is principally meant to guarantee that the customers will receive the services the company is accustomed to providing. The Walt Disney Company convey professionalism through the services they make available and their employees are doing their best to comply with the condition imposed by all the groups that constitute the corporation. Every single individual working for the company can virtually be identified as being the corporation itself, as he or she puts across the essence of Disney, making it pleasant for the customers to connect to it.

In spite of the fact that The Walt Disney Company wants to be seen as a responsible corporation imposing strict conduct rules on its employees, numerous critics have been skeptical in regard to this topic, believing that it is merely a marketing technique.

The Walt Disney Company emphasizes the fact that its customers are the key element for the corporation, since it is them who pay for its services. While others might consider that an ethical dilemma arises when the financial costs to provide a certain service are exaggerate, this corporation does not hesitate to invest into the comfort of its customers and compromises are not present in The Walt Disney Company. The employees at Disney's are also dedicated to invest their complete ability to work into the interests of the company's clients. The Walt Disney Company is practically determined to "designing, building, operating and maintaining" (The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies Corporate Information Website, 2010) services that are expected to generate satisfaction into customers and profits for the company on the whole. Disney lobbied that responsibility does not have to be considered less important when it belongs to an employee who is less qualified than the others. The Walt Disney Company advises everyone, ranging from tour operators to film directors to be actively engaged in promoting the company and oversee its benefit with the purpose of keeping customers happy.

Even with the fact that the employees at The Walt Disney Company excel through their work, it does not mean that the corporation stresses them to the point where they no longer feel contented. According the Walt Disney Website, Cast Members and employees are treated in agreement to values such as "fairness, dignity and respect" (The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies Corporate Information Website, 2010). The surroundings present at the corporation concomitantly serve as a stimulant through its rewarding character and as something that is challenging (so as for them to be sorted on behalf of their aptitudes) to the employees. People either advance, stagnate, or decrease in statue during their time at the company in accordance to their qualities.

While it might be difficult for some to deal with problems in their endeavor to employ, review, penalize, or dismiss Cast Members or employees, the company expects all of the people working with it to be reasonable and use empathy for the individuals they take in hand. At the same time that it requires its employees to respect its requirements, The Walt Disney Company presents them with a pleasant and secure working atmosphere. Because of the benefits they come across at the company, it is almost impossible for its employees not to be devoted to doing their jobs without committing any errors.

Given that it is an international corporation and that it did not express a biased approach on selecting its employees, one can easily deduct that The Walt Disney Company is not discriminatory. Not only does the corporation want to attract strong employees to be interested in joining its ranks, but it is determined to appeal to any person, not considering of their backgrounds or of the group they belong to, with the rationale of raising the best teams to work for it. In spite of the fact that it is obvious that the company's main motive is that of gaining profits by hiring the best people available, it is also supportive toward the theory that a diverse working environment would influence people in providing better services. In addition to the company employing fairness in regard to the people working for it, it also recommends that its employees should be open-minded toward each-other.

Communication between the people working at The Walt Disney Company is facilitated communication channels that are free and effective, contributing to create superior teamwork and a working setting… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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