Walt Whitman Song of Myself Thesis

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Walt Whitman: "Song of Myself"

Q1 / S1: Walt Whitman is a thirty-seven years old male, who, as he states, is in perfectly good health and hopes to remain that way until the day he dies. He appears to be still living, or at least visiting, his original roots, as he is currently in the place where his parents and their parents had lived. Despite the fact that the initial goal of the poem seems that of celebrating and singing the author, the following lines reveal the possibility that the goal is not just that, but also includes the celebration of life.

Q2 / S16: The sixteenth section is one of intentionally created paradoxes, aimed to reveal the great diversity of the author, as the multitude of elements and characteristics (even conflicting ones) that co-exist within him. He is for instance both young and old, both wise and foolish, both child and fully grown man.

Q3 / S26: A major part in the construction of the poem is played by the representation of sounds, all which come together to reveal a normal world, in which each action, event or feeling is faithfully depicted by the sound it makes.

At a more specific level, Whitman's poem reveals sounds of joy -- "I hear the sound I love, the sound of the human voice"; sorrow -- "the faint tones of the sick"; work -- "the steam whistle"; art -- "I hear the violoncello"; and nature -- "bustle of growing wheat."

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Q4 / S31: Man is one with the nature. And in nature, all things are equal and equally important. All of these things are then easily accessible to the individual, if not directly, then through the power of mind and through remembrance. And no matter what challenge confronts the man, he is always able to return to his comfort zone, or his "nest."

TOPIC: Thesis on Walt Whitman Song of Myself Assignment


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