Wanderings of Oisin by W. B. Yeats Thesis

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¶ … Yeats' the Wanderings of Oisin

William Butler Yeats' the Wanderings of Oisin is an epic poem told in three parts, or books. These three books reflect the stages of Oisin's life and journey -- his time with the immortals, his attempts to return to Ireland and the adventures he encounters, and his eventual journey back to and time in Ireland. The metrical structure changes from book to book, as well, with four, five, and six metrical feet per line, respectively. The first two books have no regular number of lines per stanza, but the third book has more regularity with four lines per stanza. These structural elements are used to organize a complex story into more manageable chunks.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on Wanderings of Oisin by W. B. Yeats Assignment

The poet's decision to divide the story this way is a standard of the epic tradition. The specific choice of three books is not standard, however, and may reflect the holy trinity of Christianity which supplants the traditional Celtic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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