War the Experience Thesis

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My cousin, who was posted in both Iraq and Afghanistan can attest to these horrors. The quotation given by Homer of "Must you carry the bloody horror of combat in your heart forever?" is completely true for this war. Having seen the family member's actions, and comparing them to his previous self, one can observe the change. Both in the Hurt Locker and in the other sources mentioned here, the answer to this question, time and again, is yes. Yes, the bloody horror of combat will be carried forever because it is such an anti-human, illogical thing. Cruelty is not the strong suit of a man with a family, a man who must return to a child of innocence. Thus, this man become ever-marred by the experience which he has undergone and cannot truly function as a human in America any longer because he has experienced such horrific events that normal becomes those horrific events instead of the peace and prosperity regular people enjoy in America every day.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on War the Experience of War Assignment

The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln is a speech in remembrance of the greatest battle of the Civil War, still America's most deadly war. The beginning of the speech, with "Four score and seven years ago, our fathers..." Lincoln sets up his speech with a call to think to the founding fathers of the United States, and continues on to say, in simple language, that now the country is in civil war, and that a dedication was being made to those that fell in order to consecrate the battlefield. Lincoln then continues with the most important aspect of his speech, the knowing fact that words and dedications mean nothing to the dead, and that their sacrifice will eternally be greater than that of the common citizen. It is not, then, a dedication to the loss for the dead, but rather a vindication to the North in its pursuit of justice in the ending of the practice of slavery. Lincoln ends the Gettysburg Address with a call for unity amongst Americans, for the extending of the nation and the government forever more. Lincoln was not a soldier at any time in his life, but he understood how important as leader of the nation it is to reinforce confidence in a nation's war effort. His writing the Gettysburg Address did much to help him win a second term in office, after which he was able to end the war just before his assassination. The Gettysburg Address is a great historical document for the purpose of enumerating a country's respect for its fallen soldiers, and the continued perseverance of the American spirit, nearly 150 years later.

In Conclusion, we see that "the rush of battle" is a very good quote for the modern warrior, as it entitles the embodiment of bravery, responsibility, overcoming fear, and even foolishness, which is experienced in war. There is a very good reason for the average infantryman being between the ages of 18 and 24, because at this early stage of life, men are at the peak of their strength, yet lack any familial ties back home. The courage which comes with adulthood is stronger than the fear which comes with knowledge, and therefore every military in the world targets this age group. My cousin knows this first hand, as he was recruited straight out of high school and spent four years of enlistment in Iraq. There are honorable sacrifices to be made through war, however, as Abraham Lincoln points out in his Gettysburg Address. A soldier deserves a special respect from society as their sacrifices truly make all the difference to the standing of the United States in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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