War the Hundred Years War, a Series Essay

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The Hundred Years War, a series of battles during 1337 to 1453, is noted for its significance on Western Society because how fighting techniques changed during the years and also because of advancements with weaponry. The first series of battles illustrate many medieval techniques and weaponry. With time, certain aspects of medieval warfare became outdated as war evolved. Even the definition of war changed as the subject of war expanded. Commoners became significant to the notion of war as they suddenly had the capability to own weapons. They could and did fight. Knights began to lose their popularity and importance as fighting began to take place on the ground. While war is painful, France began to see the dream of nationality as a result of the hundred years war. The Hundred Years War illustrates in a relatively short time how man and society evolve over time. Knights in armor were replaced with men on the ground with longbows, men shooting cannons, and the invention of gunpowder made for a new direction of explosives.

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The Hundred years War began in the middle ages but it did not end there. The first battles were fought under the notion of chivalry. Jean Froissart mentions crossbows in his writings about the Battle of Crecy. He mentions how he saw the English "let fly their arrows so wholly [together] and so thick, that it seemed snow. When the Genoways felt the arrows piercing through heads arms and breasts, many of them cast down their crossbows and did cut their strings and returned discomfited" (Froissart). The crossbow is a medieval piece of warfare and it was replaced by the longbow, a more precise instrument. Firearms, canons, and gunpowder changed the face of war. Gunpowder artillery was commonly used by men on terraces or in towers for protection. Cannons were used in the last part of the hundred years

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One of the primary changes experienced during these years was the very concept of war. Medieval notions and weaponry were failing to provide the same kind of result they had previously. War, and what it meant and whom it included, changed when those whom wielded weapons grew. What it meant to fight for the king changed as well. Men could now own a weapon and fight for their own causes. Fighting for one's country changed. France was transformed during these battles into a centralized state. While the war devastated parts of the country, it also proved to be a type of awakening for it as well. Nationalism was born from the anguish of war… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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