War in Iraq the Conflict Term Paper

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War in Iraq

The conflict between Iraq and a coalition of thirty-four nations led by the United States of America is generally referred to as the 'Persian Gulf War', the 'Gulf War', the 'War in the Gulf', the 'Iraq Kuwaiti Conflict', the UN Iraq Conflict', the Desert Storm', the '1990 Gulf War', and so on. The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait during the month of August 1990. When this happened, the immediate result was that of the passing of various economic sanctions on the part of the UN, or the United Nations, against Iraq. By the month of January 1991, hostilities had commenced in full swing, and what resulted was a complete victory for the coalition forces, which in turn forced Iraq out of Kuwait, albeit with a minimum of coalition deaths. The main battle was with Iraq, Kuwait, and certain bordering areas, including Saudi Arabia. (Gulf War: Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia)

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The Iraqi War had certain consequences that had not been foreseen by the planners of the War. Some of these are: the entire world has now come to know and recognize the U.S.A. For the power seeker that she is, and also that the U.S.A. does not, in fact, want the well being and the welfare of the people of the world; instead, what she wants is more and more power for herself. Democracy and the upkeep of this vital element for the welfare of the people of the world are by and large ignored by the United States of America, and it is high time that the people of America started to recognize and to acknowledge this fact. What is more important is that American citizens must now learn to distance themselves from their political leaders. (The Global Awakening caused by the Iraqi War)

TOPIC: Term Paper on War in Iraq the Conflict Between Iraq Assignment

The U.S. Government, the U.S. media, and the Western media in general suffered from a loss of prestige during the Iraq War, and one of the main reasons for this may be the intense publicity and propaganda that is now generated by any event anywhere in the world and the easy manner in which the news can travel all over the world in a matter of mere minutes. In addition, the fact that the U.S. leaders considered the media to be a veritable 'war machine', and this could have been avoided. What is now widely believed is that the Iraqi War has caused a general degradation of values and morale among the people of the world, and it is believed that the world is now heading for a 'world dictatorship', and not a world democracy as is desired if there were to be any modicum of peace in the world. (The Global Awakening caused by the Iraqi War)

Why is the U.S.A. taking part in the Iraq War? Why should it be there, and why should it not be there? In June 2004, the U.S.A. reached a turning point wherein it was able to pass over the sovereignty of the country to an interim Government made up of Iraqis, and though this was done, American involvement in the War is highly questionable, and the real reason why America got herself involved is a moot question. The Bush Administration has always stated that Saddam Hussein possessed several weapons of mass destruction, and that Iraq had an active nuclear war program planned out, and also that Iraq had made quite a few attempts to obtain uranium from Africa, and that Iraq had several highly dubious and questionable links with the Al-Quaeda militant outfit that was responsible for the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in America, in which more than thousands of innocent American citizens lost their lives and limbs.

The general idea that the U.S.A. brought out was that Saddam Hussein had to be removed if the security of the United States and of her people were to be ensured. However, it is now more than a whole year after the fall and the public capture and humiliation of Saddam Hussein, and there has been no evidence to prove that what the Bush administration had stated was in fact true, to any small extent. How do Americans react and respond and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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