US War in Iraq Term Paper

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War in Iraq

To the hard-core right-wing son of a life-long Republican who waves a flag on the Fourth of July but is thoroughly uninitiated in matters of American foreign policy, there a war going on in Iraq and that's about all that matters. "The world is better off without Saddam Hussein," this person says, parroting President George Bush. "I support the president and our troops," he tells anyone who asks for his view. His car is American made, he hates unions, he despises rap music and he rages against immigrants who come into America with no "green card."

Then there is the 9-to-5 blue collar worker who is not affiliated with any political party, who finished high school (barely) and is totally disinterested in American politics. He doesn't vote, he cares little about current events in the world and who isolates himself at home after work, sitting down in front of a big plasma screen - drinking beer and watching DVDs and movie channels each evening. To this person, the conflict currently going on in Iraq means little more than something else that has gone wrong with the "system." He supports the president, because the president must know something that the rest of us don't know.

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But to the young college sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, whose dad served in Vietnam, losing his left leg, and whose brother died in Iraq - the victim of a car bomb in Baghdad - this war is "unacceptable." This student sees that 105 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq last month, and that as of the end of October, 2006, some 2,819 soldiers have been killed in Iraq. The U.S. estimate for civilians killed in Iraq is around 50,000, but a recent independent report puts that number at upwards of 500,000 civilians killed.

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And why have all these people died? To what end do American troops continue to put their lives on the line in Iraq? When President Bush began building up the argument to go to war in Iraq, it was less than a year after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Upwards of 70% of Americans polled in late 2002 and early 2003 were behind him, according to UPI (Hess, 2006). The president and his administration gave speeches promising the American people that huge caches of "weapons of mass destruction" were being manufactured by Hussein's war machine, and if America didn't go in there and destroy those weapons, they would be used against Israel and perhaps even the U.S.

The Bush Administration also asserted in the United Nations and throughout the United States in speeches - which were widely broadcast on television and reported in print media - that Saddam Hussein was developing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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