War Why a Military Presence in Afghanistan Essay

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Why a military presence in Afghanistan will fuel conflict and turmoil within the country

Why the people of Afghanistan will be better served with a military presence within the country

Concluding Remarks

The war in Afghanistan has been a contentious issue for both developed nations and those around the world. The middle east, and in particular, Afghanistan, has had a profound impact on global prosperity and the resultant quality of life for all stakeholders involved. As such, this conflict has major implications for developed countries. Currently many individuals within Europe and American want their respective troops out of Afghanistan. A survey of over 1000 individuals showed that nearly 68% thought that troops should be removed from the territory (BBC news, 2008). I believe these 68% of individuals to be correct. However, the war on terror does have its merits. Although, some form of presence is needed, I believe having military present on foreign soil can do both harm and good to all countries involves.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on War Why a Military Presence in Afghanistan Assignment

First, it is in my contention that a foreign military presence in Afghanistan only exacerbates the overall conflict within the country. I think it would be possible to have a presence within the country without having to have the military directly involved in the overall situation. Some military would be needed for security purposes of individual personnel who are very important to their respective countries, but nowhere the extent that we currently see. I believe this middle ground approach is warranted as it is a compromise to both arguments for and against foreign presence in Afghan. A military presence is perceived to be forceful method of negotiation. Force, in many respects is not a respectable and long-term solution to problems for many reasons. One, it does not attempt to have sympathy or apathy for the opponent viewpoint. It instead shuns their views in favor of ones own. This creates an aura of supremacy, which is not accepted well by Afghanistan or any negotiation partner. America, Europe and other developed nations are essentially saying, "Solve your problems the way we solve ours, or else you will be punished with force." Short-term, this method will indeed work as nations will be forced to bow to the ultimate military prowess of the developed nations. However, only resentment will arise in the long-term, which ultimately will breed animosity on the part of the Afghan people. Furthermore, military unrest breeds casualties. Many of these casualties will be of the innocent variety. Many innocent Afghan people will ultimately lose their lives over this military presence in the Middle East. If an innocent American or European is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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