Warehouse Management Systems Term Paper

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Warehouse Management Systems:

Why is a state-of-the-art WMS critical to the operation of a modern


The integral role of warehouse management in the overall supply chain of

any organization makes the optimal performance critical for any company to

achieve business objectives. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) must

optimize incoming, inventory and outgoing product movement, while

compensating for their physical and financial characteristics. For example

a WMS that is used in heavy equipment companies will have an entirely

different flow of logic and optimization routine for managing a warehouse

than one developed for managing and optimizing the flow of electronic

components. While the underlying logic processes are comparable, their

interpretation and implementation are quite different. What both of these

vastly different companies share however is a need to be as efficient and

economical as possible in managing their supply chains, which warehouse

planning and optimization being critical for their ability to compete


What is driving the need for state-of-the-art WMS systems is the urgent

need organizations share for increasing supply chain visibility and

efficiency, the increased pressure on reducing supply chain and logistics

costs, increasing the profitable use of available warehouse space, all the

while delivering orders on time to the right customer at the rightDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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location. Being able to respond to customers accurately and in a cost-

effective manner is being driven by the productivity gains made from the

planning, installation and use of state-of-the-art warehouse management

systems (WMS), the best performing organizations use their WMS systems to

create more velocity of transactions fulfilled from their warehouses in

addition to lowering logistics costs while fulfilling customer demands. To

accomplish this strategic objective organizations getting the best results

TOPIC: Term Paper on Warehouse Management Systems Assignment

from their WMS systems are completing the four following tasks. First,

integrating labor management planning and reporting capabilities as part of

the WMS is a critical step as it provides for insights into how improvement-

driven strategies are impacting overall supply chain and distribution

performance. Second, those organizations that rely on slotting and

warehouse layout tools for ensuring the highest level of optimization

possible given constraints is an emerging best practices of WMS systems.

Third, increasing the level of material handling automation technology

selectively applied to specific processes within the warehouse, and linking

the warehouse to production centers is an emerging best practice area

leading to higher levels of inventory turns and transaction velocities.

Fourth, many of the organizations achieving best practices rely on system

integrators for the optimization of warehouse space and the synchronization

of physical and automated warehouse systems. Fifth, the pervasive use of

analytics in the form of order velocity, fulfillment and accuracy, but also

cost per order fulfilled and productivity per warehouse are all now tracked

within warehouse analytics applications.

Ironically a few of the greatest benefits of a state-of-the-art WMS is

outside the warehouse, specifically in the areas of supply chain

synchronization and the use of analytics to better manage the day-to-day

operational aspects of the business. State-of-the-art WMS systems are

Supply chain synchronization with sources of demand is another best

practices area that encompasses many organizations' use of WMS systems to

make their entire supply chains more agile. The attainable ROI of aligning

supply chain planning, execution and fulfillment with sources of demand is

explored in research provided by Manufacturing Engineer (32) and shows the

resulting impact on financial performance of companies who adopt this best

practice to increase their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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