Essay: Watch the Super Bowl Yes

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¶ … watch the Super Bowl

Yes, I usually watch the Super Bowl, as I am enthusiastic about football and I consider the event to play an important role in increasing the country's sense of unity. Watching it provides me with the feeling that I'm truly taking on my role as a person concerned about American culture. Furthermore, I really appreciate the people involved in making the Super Bowl possible, as they provide the general public with the opportunity to see sports taken to a whole new level. The athletes involved in the championship final managed to get here as a result of giving everything they had throughout the season and thus need to be provided with the recognition they deserve.

I believe that the Super Bowl can serve as inspiration for people to realize that they can largely get whatever they want as long as they work hard for it. Watching the Super Bowl is a sort of a paradox these days when considering that everyone is well acquainted with how numerous companies profit from the event and from turning sports in general into a commercial concept. Even with the fact that most people know this, it is difficult to put across behaviors that are in disagreement with watching the Super Bowl in the contemporary U.S. This is more than a sporting event and more than a commercial event, it is the embodiment of a series of values coming together and providing the masses with a set of actions that are downright impressive.

2. Are you watching on air or online?

I'm watching the Super Bowl on air, as this feels more 'genuine' and reminds me of the Super Bowl games I used to watch with my family. Just thinking about the event makes me feel homesick and makes me remember about all the fun moments I spent with my family watching it. Watching the show on air provides the opportunity to experience it as a whole, ranging from the fact that we sit through commercials waiting for the game to start to the fact that the on air version provides lesser opportunities in comparison to the online version. I believe it's safe to say that the online environment takes something away from the feelings associated with the Super Bowl. The online version somewhat makes the Super Bowl less intimate and it (to me) gives the impression of a tradition that lost part of its charm.

The online version of the Super Bowl is rapidly becoming more and more convenient. The fact that the future is strongly connected to the internet means that it is a matter of years before everything that previously had to do with conventional TV watching is going to move online.

3. Since Media is "a vehicle; a commodity, and an environment, what is the environment in which are watching [alone, few quiet-ish friends or full blown party.] And how does that affect your intake of the messaging?

The Super Bowl is actually a sort of tradition in my group of friends to get together and watch the event. Watching it is more like a cultural thing rather than being an attempt to celebrate sporting events in general. More than a hundred million people watch the Super Bowl every year and it usually is a main topic of conversations for many weeks previous and after the moment when it actually takes place. Ranging from the artistic part of the event to the sportive aspect of the game, the Super Bowl effectively triggers emotions associated with being involved in a community that puts great value on the idea of sport in general and of showmanship in particular.

To a certain degree, I can say that the Super Bowl also works as a means to better connect with people. Watching it together with friends, regardless of whether they support the same team as me, is especially important when considering the way that it makes us feel as a group. We practically come together and get actively involved in commenting each action and in speaking about both the game and advertisements shown during the game.

4. If you write down the name of the advertiser when the spot appears; can you recall what it is about after the show? The next morning?

In addition to promoting sport in general, the Super Bowl is also important because of the commercials shown during… [END OF PREVIEW]

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