Water Crisis in the Middle Term Paper

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As a part of the false campaign, the leaders of the Soviet Union visited Cairo, and stated that Israel had established about 12 to 13 brigades along the Syrian borders as a preparatory measure to launch attacks within a few days, with the purpose of overthrowing the Syrian government. It was at the same time that the U.S.A. was busy with the ongoing War in Vietnam, and this made the Soviets very sure that there would be no U.S. intervention at all, and this made the false campaign so very successful that Nasser launched a vigorous campaign against Israel immediately, and the King of Jordan was also informed of the imminent War, and he agreed to sign a defense pact with Egypt. Israel was finally confronted with 465,000 Arab troops, and 2,880 tanks, and about 810 war aircraft. (Israel 1948 to 1967, the Six-Day War Background)

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It is a universally recognized fact that water is an elemental part of life, and without water there would be no life on earth. There have been wars fought and many lives lost because of the fight for water, and every person on this earth knows and recognizes the fact that if the rivers and other water systems were to be choked and diverted like it often happens in the fights between different countries all over the world, and like it happened in the Six Day War, then life on earth would inevitably come to a standstill. (Troubled Water - Saints, Sinners, Truth & Lies about the Global Water Crisis) The struggle for fresh water was what prompted the Six Day War, and if the War were to be analyzed, it would provide experts with some idea of what a water crisis can do to a nation and its people, and also analyze the very real likelihood of water issues becoming exaggerated and escalating into a large scale and into a multinational conflict.

Term Paper on Water Crisis in the Middle Assignment

This analysis would provide leaders of the nations of the world some idea on the ways and means in which conflicting or neighboring nations must share one water source, and also provide them with some details of who are the military and economic leaders of he nation that control the water source. If, there were some other alternative water sources, then it would be a simpler matter for experts to predict the causes of the conflicts and prevent them before they actually take place. The ongoing fight between Israel and Jordan on the issue of water is one example of how fresh water sources and supplies would have a severe impact on the environment as well as on the tensions and conflicts in the regions, which can be prevented only if there is agreement on both sides that they would share the fresh water. This point is made even more important because of the important fact that the Middle East is known for its extremely arid conditions and also for its ideological and geo-political and religious and also political differences, and the scarcity of water would affect it in a drastic way. (Jordan River Dispute)

The Six Day War has had both short-term as well as long-term effects on the world in general, and on the Middle East in particular. The Arab world has in fact never recovered from this devastating War, and Israel and Jordan and Egypt and Syria have all been equally affected. However, it is never too late, and if the world cooperates, it is possible to lift these people out of their crisis situation and restore peace and harmony in them. (Consequences of the six-Day War)


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