Water, Gatorades and Powerades Essay

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Water is recommended by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), when one is exercising for a short period of around an hour. Drinking too much water can cause over hydration that causes fatigue to the body system. During exercise, a certain amount should be taken according to the rate of sweating.

Sports drinks have electrolytes like potassium and sodium which occur naturally in the body; this makes them effective in fluid replacement as they have salt concentrations equal to the body.They have high calories, which replace the, loss of energy. They are taken when one is undergoing an activity of high intensity physical activity, in high temperatures and exercises which last more than an hour. Power drinks help in smooth muscle contractions and energy metabolism. Rigorous exercises drain the body of carbohydrates which energy drinks can replace effectively. Gatorade stimulates fast absorption of fluids than PowerAde. This is due to the carbohydrate content and the concentration of carbohydrates. Powerade has high carbohydrate concentration mainly from fructose. Fructose makes it less efficient because it causes distress to gastrointestinal, hence requires secondary conversion in the liver after absorption.


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Water can be consumed but only during short exercising periods, this makes it ineffective when one is exercising for long hours under high temperatures. During exercises, thirst can cause consumption of a lot of water, hence causing water intoxication. Because excessive consumption of water dilutes the sodium chloride salts, this causes fatigue to the nervous system and imbalance to the body salts. ACSM recommends drinking water during short periods of exercise, and this does not favor power drinks consumption. Gatorades have calories which can causeweight gain. Power drinks cannot be consumed by everyone due to the difference in ingredients and some people require little calories. Excessive consumption of energy drinks will obstruct the flow of fluid from the stomach and riveted by the intestine.

Essay on Water, Gatorades and Powerades I Assignment


I highly recommend water to be used for hydration during exercise in this firm because; water is an excellent hydration fluid, it is absorbed into the body directly and medical institutions like ACSM highly recommend water for short exercising periods. Water can be used along with a power drinks although it reduces the effectiveness of power drinks.


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