Water v. Soda Term Paper

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One naturopathic physician notes, "A number of patients coming into the office have been suffering from a variety of symptoms, all of which can be traced to a lack of water intake. Most were drinking plenty of fluids: coffee, soda, tea and juice. But none were drinking enough water," (Brett). Although soda contains water as its primary ingredient, the body does not absorb it as readily because of the extraneous additives and carbonation. Furthermore, a dehydrated person can drink a bottle of water faster than he or she could chug a can of soda, thereby delivering nutrients to the body quicker.

Finally, water is generally cheaper than soda. Tap water costs nothing, and bottled water is significantly cheaper than sodas except for the "designer" waters that recently hit the market. However, a person does not need to drink designer water to reap water's heath benefits. A simple and inexpensive water filter can help remove some of the elements commonly added to tap water such as chlorine. People who choose to drink bottled water only will be pleasantly surprised to find that even bottled water costs less than carbonated soft drinks.

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Water, whether straight from the tap, from a running stream, or from a fancy French bottle, is the most healthful, versatile beverage. Drinking water is cheap; it hydrates the body efficiently and properly; and it is essential for good health. Soda, on the other hand, costs more than water and does not flow freely from the taps. Soda might occasionally hit the spot on a hot day but the body cannot hydrate itself properly with sodas. Whereas water, especially bottled water, is pure and free from harmful chemicals, sodas contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavoring additives, artificial colors, and preservatives; some sodas also contain caffeine. Water is a smooth, clear, easy-drinking, innocuous beverage essential for the survival of the body; soda is merely pop.

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Term Paper on Water v. Soda Water Is Assignment

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