Water Supply Safety Thesis

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Vulnerability Assessment Grid

HLS 530 (Critical Infrastructure Protection of Health Care Delivery Systems)

ERP Review

Perspective: [Hospital]

Critical Infrastructure: [Water Supply]

Risk Dimension

Potential Severity




Efficiency of notification

Issues lead to slower response times/lower preparedness

Reliability of communication with CWS

Proper notification guidelines/expectations between organizations not established


Adequate supplies

Generally available and kept stocked

Adequate staffing

Nursing shortage could lead to problems in large-scale situation (ERP Level III+)


Coordination of staff

Lack of detail in chain of command/communication could create confusion

Utilization of space for treatment

Detailed plan for movement of regular patient population should be developed


Expensive over-preparedness

Inadequate/untimely information can lead to large unnecessary expenses; reduced general function

Low operating capital

Reduces flexibility somewhat

Environmental, Safety, and Health

General patient population

Possible quarantine needs must be taken into account in utilization of space

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Access to alternate water supply

Maintenance of staff/patient health paramount; adequate on-site supply should be established

Legal Liability

Rushed care

Could lead to allegations of malpractice; well protected in emergency situations

Lack of approved ERP

Leaves hospital vulnerable legally and in purely practical terms

Perspective: [EMS]

Critical Infrastructure: [Water Supply]

Risk Dimension

TOPIC: Thesis on Water Supply Safety Assignment

Potential Severity





Possible disputes

Complex hierarchy of situation-dependent command


Chain unclear in certain situations, especially higher level incidents


Possible over-responsiveness

Too many respondents can clog communications and hamper activity

Staging function

Likely an over-extended responsibility; consider breaking up


Site-specific setup

Adaptability of equipment, staff to uneven ground/other conditions warrants attention


Diffuse materials/missions; effective utilization of all resources requires more centralized command


Readiness of supplies/staff

For high level incidents, team must rely on state/federal response


Damage to responsiveness for general EMS is high with resources allocated elsewhere

Environmental, Safety, and Health

Site specific issues

Safety hazards increased with unfamiliarity; possible ground contamination from spills

Elemental exposure

Depending on time of year/day and type of incident, on-site triage might present additional risks

Legal Liability

Greatest good policy

Non-treatment of extreme cases introduces some vulnerability

Safety Hazards

Risk of staff/patient injury due… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Water Supply Safety Thesis

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