Watershed Management Evaluating Strategies Term Paper

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Parking lot redesign was found to have a significant impact on the treatment of the watershed, but this improvement must be taken into consideration with what would have happened if Better Site Design were used to guide the project in the planning stages.

Of the two methods examined, Better Site Design allows planners to look at a small area and focus on the details of a particular site. Land Use Planning methods look at a larger area and take a macro approach to the problem. Both of these methods utilize impervious cover as their quantitative method. There is one weakness that plagues both of these techniques. It is easier to control public land as opposed to that which is privately owned. Private land owners have considerable freedom to do what they want in terms of impervious cover, as opposed to green space, even in areas that are unzoned. Both Better Site Design and Land Use Techniques suitable in for future planning projects and overall watershed protection.


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Term Paper on Watershed Management Evaluating Strategies for Assignment

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