Wcushs Is Moving to a New Location Research Proposal

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¶ … WCUSHS is moving to a new location. The head, Dr. Carwin, wants to take advantage of the opportunity to rectify some of the problems the clinic is facing, in particular with respect to wait times.

The situation she faces is that the clinic scores highly on service scores and poorly on wait times. Thus, she must balance between lowering wait times while retaining high levels of service, which are driven by patients being able to select their own physician.

The external environment of WCUSHS is generally positive. The clinic has a captive market, comprised of students from the university. This market pays for the clinic through its fees, such that the clinic delivers its services at a very competitive rate. The university is generally supportive of the clinic, but concerns may be raised if the clinic becomes too expensive to operate.

In terms of the competitive environment, there is one significant threat, which is the WCU Medical Plaza. This gives the students access to the private practices of some WCU physicians. This represented a threat on several levels. One, it provided an on-campus alternative, which had not existed previously. The physicians at the PCC may be able to set up private practice there as well, taking their customers with them. Thus, the new Medical Plaza represents a threat to not only the supply of customers but also the supply of doctors.

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Internally, the greatest threat is that of the physicians. They have not been engaged by the change process. Their participation is minimal and half-hearted. Yet, they have the option to set up private practice in the new Medical Plaza. Therefore, the physicians need to be kept happy. One factor in physician happiness that has been identified is that they prefer to have exclusive patients, in part because this allows them to provide better service.

Analysis of the Problem

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Wcushs Is Moving to a New Location. Assignment

Carwin believes that the wait times are significant problem. She also believes that the composition of the clinical teams was of utmost importance. This would involve matching capacity needs to demand needs. I agree that these are the most significant problems facing Carwin. She also is concerned with rebuilding the PCC's perception, to defend against the pending competition. I feel that this is not an important concern. If the other concerns are dealt with, the negative perceptions will ease. The nature of the market is that it turns over with each successive graduation and commencing class. Perceptions can change quickly in such an environment, if the clinic's performance changes.

The main area where the PCC suffers is with respect to wait times. An analysis of capacity shows that the total capacity is not the issue. The system works because overall there is more than enough capacity to meet demand. Patient visits take around 20 minutes, with 5 more minutes allocated to writing charts. If we assume 5 minutes of lost time (bathroom, etc.) that gives us 2 visits per hour per clinician. In total, the capacity for six months in total between MDs and NPs, and between appointments and walk-ins, is 26,258 versus total demand in that period of 15,765.

However, we can see that the walk-in side is under capacity.

Walk-ins account for 60% of patients, yet only 31.8% of scheduled clinician capacity. As a result, walk-in demand for six months is 9459 patients, and the scheduled walk-in capacity is 8370 patients.

Thus, treatment of walk-in patients at present is being covered by unused capacity among those scheduled for appointments. There are 11,582 excess patient visits worth of capacity on the appointments side.

Carwin's proposed system will address some of the wait time issues by shifting some of the work from MDs to NPs. The teams will be comprised of both MDs and NPs. Patients can currently request a specific provider. Given the choice, most will choose an MD. However, this negates the work of the triage staff, whose job is to assign a clinician based on medical need. As a result, 22% of MD patients, a total of 1981, could have been served by an NP. This is an inefficiency from both an operational perspective and a cost perspective.

However, this shift from NP to MD does not address the lack of capacity… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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