Weather and Construction: Las Vegas Term Paper

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During the hot months the night time lows may only drop to eighty degrees.

The second major factor in the Las Vegas Valley is wind. Due to its location the city is often buffeted by major windstorms. At times wind speeds may reach an excess of fifty miles per hour, however most wind storms only provide winds up to thirty miles per hour. It is not uncommon for windstorms to damage property throughout the valley. The more extreme windstorms tend to cause numerous problems throughout the city.

A secondary factor which must be considered with the windstorms is dust. The amount of recent precipitation - particularly in the deserts surrounding the city - will determine whether or not the dust will be problematic throughout the metropolitan area. In the spring of 2002, one windstorm produced enough dust to decrease visibility in the city to less than a mile.

Construction work during a major windstorm may prove difficult but not impossible. Primary problems tend to revolve around temporary signs being blown down and difficulty with free hanging cranes. Generally those involved with work on the exterior of a high rise hotel casino will withhold their work until windstorms have subsided. Certainly dust may be problematic for visibility and overall comfort, but generally does not deter construction projects.

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The last element is flash floods. Generally these are happen in the large washes which surround the city. At times roads and underpasses become flooded due to some sort of obstruction in a wash. However for the most part, actual construction sites will not be affected by any type of flash flood. The primary issue during an event such as this may be backups throughout the city because certain roads are closed to traffic. The streets of Las Vegas are notoriously slippery after any rain whatsoever, so aside from flood related back-ups there may also be accident related road closures. The difficulty a given worksite will generally have during flash-flooding will be getting its crew to the site.

Term Paper on Weather and Construction: Las Vegas Assignment

Rain in Las Vegas is a somewhat unusual event. However, in the outlying mountains, particularly the Spring Mountains and the La Madre Mountains to the west, rain is a regular occurrence. Periodically heavy rains in these mountains and foothills can cause flash flood events in the city.

Most construction crews find Las Vegas to be a pleasant place to work. And why shouldn't they? For the vast majority of the year the weather is tolerable and there is more construction work available than anyone can possibly handle.


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