Weather Evidence Supporting and Opposing Research Paper

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The human perspective is likely too limited to see our weather patterns clearly enough to firmly argue that now we have global climate change.

The scientific and political communities agree that a change is happening. There is evidence that substantiates and has been interpreted by authorities showing that the Earth is experiencing a climate change and that has been happening for at least a century. There is additional evidence that some human activities confound this global climate change. There is a lack of evidence in favor of or directly purporting that humans are the only reason for the change.

The Earth's lifespan far exceeds the lifespan of any and every species that has lived upon it. The strength and resiliency of the Earth is a concept that the human imagination cannot adequately quantify, qualify, or even understand. Throughout the Earth's history, it has experienced and undergone massive environmental changes, many of which occurred long before the human race and proved far more severe than the effects of greenhouses gases thus far. There is a substantial amount of highly credible scientific evidence that illustrates that the Earth is undergoing another kind of global change.

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By 2005 a widespread scientific consensus had emerged that serious, large -- scale disruption could occur around 2050, once average global temperature increase exceeds about 2 "C, leading to abrupt and irreversible changes…This new theory of "abrupt climate change" has overturned earlier predictions of gradual change and has prompted some scientists to warn that unmitigated climate change could lead to the complete collapse of civilisation…This "global dimming" effect is diminishing as we clean up air pollution. As a result global average temperature could rise by as much as 10 degrees Celsius [approximately 18 "F] by the close of the century -- a catastrophic increase. (Bensel & Turk, 2011)

The effects of this change range from melting ice caps, raised temperatures, expansion of deserts, rising sea levels, and increased frequency & intensity of extreme weather such as hurricanes, tsunamis, droughts, and heat waves.

Research Paper on Weather Evidence Supporting & Opposing Assignment

Overall, the paper has argued not so much about the existence of evidence for or against the existence of global climate change. More so, the paper has demonstrated how there is evidence and data about the global climate patterns of modern times. This information exists and the greater argument is not about the existence, but rather, it is about who and how is interpreting this data. The global climate change issue proves as other research endeavors do, that data and evidence can be interpreted or presented to state whatever the user(s) of the data want or intend the data to say. There is a power to statistics and there is a fallibility to them. Scientists, politicians, and the media can make the evidence say whatever supports their objective or agenda. Evidence can also be manipulated to contradict any one position, too. The data available may very well be based on models of weather that are too limited in scope and lack adequate perspective to truly change policies, practices, and opinions. If anything, despite one's view on global climate change, at least there are more experts paying more attention to the weather, the environment, and the connectivity between the planet and all the inhabitants. Global climate change, a real issue or not, has brought on more environmental awareness, even within the layman, which is probably a very good thing overall.


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