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Weather Observations: November 21st -- 25th

The observations made over the five day period from November 21st through November 25th did not yield any surprising results that questioned current meteorological knowledge or established patterns and trends in the area. Almost all temperatures recorded were within the normal minimum and maximum recorded temperature ranges for each day (which were actually the same for all five days of the observational period, from two degrees Celsius to eight degrees Celsius). Precipitation was light and was accompanied by expected cloud cover and by somewhat low pressure systems, and wind patterns were also in keeping with expectations, for the most part. Minor anomalies and more detailed descriptions of each day's weather are provided below with meteorological explanations provided.

Monday, November 21st

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Temperatures climbed throughout the day as pressure showed a very slight decreasing trend, while relative humidity rose. Though light rain was observed at 16:00, the relative humidity was measured at only ninety-six percent and the temperature was measured as one degree higher than the dew point. Cloud cover was complete and consisted of nimbo-stratus clouds at both daylight observation times (10:00 and 16:00), and wind grew far brisker at night (22:00) despite the fact that the temperature continued to increase slightly; the lower pressure that accompanied this continuing temperature rise was significant enough to more than double the wind speed from the previous measurement. Wind blew predominantly from the east and southeast throughout the day, with slight shifts within this quadrant.

Tuesday, November 22nd

TOPIC: Term Paper on Weather Observation Project Assignment

Lower pressure and higher temperatures defined the weather on Tuesday, with the day starting out warmer than the normal maximum (temperature was recorded nine degrees Celsius at 4:00 and at ten degrees Celsius at 10:00). Cloud over was light in the morning, with only two-eights of the sky covered by Cirrus clouds at 10:00, when the relative humidity was only seventy-five percent and winds had dropped to 17km/hr as opposed to the 54km/hr recorded at 4:00. The increase in temperature combined with a rise in pressure was responsible for the reduced humidity and the lower wind speeds in the morning, however the situation changed by 16:00 when the sky was… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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