Weatherford Indian Givers Brief Summary Book Review

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Moreover, from 1492 until his death he was insistent about collecting what he regarded as his fair share of the profits, and downright paranoid in his belief that he was being denied the wealth, honor and glory due to him. He believed this was because of his relatively humble and obscure birth, and perhaps this was partially true, although his personality was hardly one to inspire trust and loyalty, either from his subordinates or superiors. Columbus in real life showed a very consistent pattern of deceit and low cunning, even against the men on his own ships, but he was an extremely determined man who used any means necessary to achieve his objectives. This is definitely not the Columbus portrayed in the movie, but then again no film intended for a mass audience would ever dare show a hero tarnished to this degree by greed, corruption and criminality.

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TOPIC: Book Review on Weatherford Indian Givers Brief Summary Assignment

Indian Givers is written in a very lively and engaging style that is highly unusual for an academic work, and is therefore very well-suited for undergraduates and a general audience. All of the information in it is very well-known to historians, anthropologists and other specialists in the field, but not to students or most of the public. Perhaps it never will be. Few white Americans have ever been willing to face the harsh truth that Indians have always been treated like a conquered enemy people, whose language, culture and religion were nearly destroyed by U.S. government policies. By the time Representative Henry Dawes of Massachusetts had passed infamous Severalty Act in 1887, most of the Native American population of North America had already been exterminated. Before whites arrived, the indigenous population north of Mexico may have been as high as 15-20 million, but by the end of the 19th Century it had fallen to about 200,000. Centuries of warfare, slave labor, disease, starvation and deliberate mass murder had led to the near-annihilation of the American Indians, and there were many whites such as William Tecumseh Sherman who were prepared to finish them off completely. Those few Native Americans who survived were mostly confined to reservations under conditions of extreme poverty, with hunger and disease continuing to take a severe toll of their numbers. Similarly, few white Americans will ever be aware of the numerous contributions that the Native peoples have made to world civilization, in spite of the truly horrendous treatment they have received. To be sure, most of those contributions were not exactly voluntary, either but were part of the spoils of conquest and empire.


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