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Designing a web site may be the most tiresome and yet exciting task when creating an online system that will be accessible to everybody. Sometimes, it can be regarded that web designs are among the bread and butter of web sites. This is especially true in online e-commerce sites where customers and clients can do business, such buying and selling, with a company that is reachable via the Internet. Most of the time, how appealing a web design is done is what attracts many users to revisit web sites. This similar view was pointed out by James Maguire (2004) in his article Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales. Maguire (2004) stated that The better-designed your site, the better your chances of making the sale.

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There are many web sites that reached success because of a good web design. When we say a web design is good, it doesn't mean that the web design has to have too much decorative such as too much colors or graphics. A web design is good when it is naturally pleasing to the eye of the online users, and, more importantly, when it is able to satisfy and provide the needs of the users. A good web design must be convenient to use, providing users with systematic approaches to do what they need. Systematic approaches mean that the web design must provide the users with functions and buttons that will help them do what they need to do and go where they need to go (online speaking of course). This characteristics lead to usability features that must always be a part of a good web design. Some examples of successful web sites because of a good web design are Yahoo, Google, Ebay, and Amazon. These web sites can be basically characterized to have simple, manageable, and usable web designs.

Objective of this Paper

This paper aims to gather idea and information for a web design of an online membership and payment management system. To gather information and idea on what the online system and web site will need, included in this paper is a discussion of the principles of web designing. Such principles can help the researcher decide which important web features must be given with attention and which elements of a web design will be suitable to his planned online membership and payment management system.

Term Paper on Web Design Designing a Web Site May Assignment


The researcher will gather information from articles and journals related to web designing. The main resources of information are the Internet and available Web Design Journals. The researcher will make use of qualitative research method in which information will be based from previously written materials related to web design.

From the information that will be gathered, the researcher will try to collect which concepts and principles that can be applicable to his objective. To have an idea whether such information are really suitable to his objective, the same method of qualitative research will be done in which statements, comments, recommendations, suggestions, and factual information from people who have been involved in web designing will be used.

Study of Literatures

Web designing is not a common task these days when we speak of development of web sites. It is an IT service that is commonly provided to companies who seek to have a web site of their own. Web designing requires not only creativeness in design but usability to users as well. This is because web sites are basically created to interact with users. According to Dr. Nielsen, as indicated by Mark Ward in his article A Decade of Good Web Site Design,

Dr Nielsen said the success of sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Yahoo showed that close attention to design and user needs was important.

A web design must compose not only of the visual design but also of the good operational structure that can meet and provide all the possible activities that a user can do within the site. These are the same characteristics that Nielsen described about the four web sites he mentioned. They are simple, no fancy and glamorous look, and based on user empowerment (Ward, BBC News). These kinds of web design rules were found to be effective, bringing success to many web sites. James Maguire (2004), regarding the characteristics of a good web design and the success it brings, indicated that Research has long shown that the leading factor in persuading shoppers to buy from an e-commerce Web site is ease of navigation -- findings that were supported in a recent survey by Jupiter Research (which is also owned by the publisher of this Web site.) In other words, customers are saying "make your site easy-to-use, and you'll earn our sale."

Web design principles are essential information when aiming to meet the objective of developing a web site that will be useful and successful. There are in fact various available literatures that can provide us with guidelines in our objective of developing a web design of an online membership and payment management system.

The following section contains several principles of web design. How each principle benefits and affects a web site will be discussed. Also, how such principles can be applicable to our planned web site will be explained. Along the discussion are examples and situations where each web design principle is useful. Tied with explanations from experts, it is hoped that this paper will be descriptive enough to enumerate the things that our planned web site (online membership and payment management system) needs based from the perspective of web designing.

Basic Principles of Web Design

A.1 Have a clear definition of what your planned web site will serve.

It is important to have a clear definition of what and which activities the web site will provide to its users. Defining the purpose and goal of your web site will help you think clearly what elements your web site will need in terms of other aspects of web design development, such as which graphic images to use, or which functionality buttons to include in the web site. For instance, if you define that your web site will be for an e-commerce, such as buying and selling, then you know that you will need to have features that relate to products that your web site will sell, as well as features related to how your site visitors can buy your products.

Having a clear definition of your web site's purpose will keep you away from becoming uncertain on what to put in your web site. Sometimes, some web designers become undecided during the design process especially when they see nice web features from other sites, which if they would think, are completely serving different purpose to users compared to the purpose of the web site that they are planning to develop. Just to adopt new technologies, even if they don't fit the site's purpose, is the misguided attempt of some web designers that causes the failure of their web sites.

WDVL Internet online suggests that web sites must focus on the service that it provides to the following.

The audience

The goals the site is trying to achieve

The brand

The industry

In our planned web site, we can have some of the following simple definitions of our goals and objectives that the web site will serve.

To provide membership registration to users

To allow users to view the benefits and activities that they can receive from becoming a member

To allow online payments for registered payments

From such definition of goals and objectives, we can narrow them down to other information that can help us decide how the web site should look like and what functionality buttons can be used.

A.2 Have a structured and easy to navigate web site.

Web sites must communicate well with the users. The transition of one page to another must give sense to the user. It is common that within one page of a web site, users can have a number of buttons or links that they can click to. However, the pages where the users will be directed to when they click a button must not let them lose the sense or information that they have or the sense of the activity that they are doing from the previous page that they are browsing. For instance, in the online membership and payment management system, you cannot just put a link to the Payment Page if the current page is just the first page of online registration. This is because it does not make sense to bring a user to a page that asks for payment information if he is not yet a member of the site.

Having a sensible and easy to navigate web sites are two important characteristics that make web sites user-friendly. As mentioned in the previous principle of web design, the focus of web designs must be in users since the success of web sites depends on them. Some of the useful suggestions to design an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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