Weight Loss Counseling and Arthritis Research Paper

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PICOT Question: Does weight loss counseling and physical exercise improve pain and mobility in obese patients with a BMI >25 suffering from osteoarthritis?

P: Adults aged 18 years old and over with doctor diagnosed arthritis and a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25.0

I: weight loss and physical exercise counseling

C: no weight loss and physical exercise counseling

O: decrease in reported arthritis symptoms of function and pain

T: 1 year

Intervention PICOT Question:

In obese patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis and who have with a BMI over 25 (P), how do weight loss counseling and physical exercise (I) compared to no physical exercise and no weight loss counseling ( C) affect reported arthritis symptoms of function and pain (O) within a one-year period of time (T)?


The proposed PICOT intervention question addresses the relationship between weight loss counseling and the actual implementation of a plan to increase physical activity by obese people suffering from osteoarthritis. The research indicates that patients who receive advise to exercise more from their healthcare providers are more likely to attempt strategies to lose weight and avoid further weight gain. The proposed study using the PICOT format for evidence-based practice would extend this research.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Weight Loss Counseling and Arthritis Assignment

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