Weight Loss Learning Disabilities Article Critique

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2012: 5).

Additionally, the benefits of physical activity were not the same for all demographic groups: the association between physical activity and longevity was more "robust" for African-Americans, for persons with a college education, and former smokers (Moore et al. 2012: 4). These associations suggest there may be some correlating lifestyle factors that contribute to longevity beyond that of the physical activity itself. The CNN article makes no mention of this demographic segmentation, likely because it assumes that the fact that overweight people can still be 'healthy' is deemed to be the most interesting aspect of the research to the readership.

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In the actual journal text, the authors note that there are many factors which could skew the results: "Severe disease is associated with risk of mortality and also, in some cases, with reduced physical activity. This could confound associations and cause the benefits of physical activity to be overstated" (Moore et al. 2012: 10). A final problem is the findings are based solely on self-reported studies. This is admitted as a potential problem in the CNN article, but in the journal the extent of the problem is more fully fleshed out. "It is likely that overweight and obese participants overreport leisure time physical activity, which could attenuate physical activity -- mortality associations in these groups" (Moore et al. 2012: 11). Previous studies have found that overweight subjects are particularly prone to exaggerate physical activity, which suggests that the supposedly benign attitude the study purports to have towards being overweight as presented in the CNN piece may be due to errors of measurement.


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TOPIC: Article Critique on Weight Loss Learning Disabilities and Assignment

Moore SC, Patel AV, Matthews CE, Berrington de Gonzalez A, Park Y, et al. (2012).

Leisure time physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity and mortality:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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