Welcome to Your New Classroom Essay

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The recording is age appropriate and also talks about the way that racism and other discrimination is still a problem. At the close of the article the teacher will ask for a show of hands. "Please raise your hand if you have ever been made to feel bad because you were different in some way. It could be because you are different looking or because you do something different than others or anything you can think of where someone made you feel bad about yourself because of a difference." After hands are raised the teacher will call on two or three students to begin a discussion about the circumstances and the feelings they had because of the experience. The teacher will close with a discussion about respectful words and about being positive when someone is different because making them feel bad is not a way to help and not reflective of a positive learning environment. Students will then be asked to return to their desks. The teacher will then ask students to construct sentences and short phrases that are encouraging to others. "Please write down or say to me some encouraging words that people have said to you in the past that made you feel good, when I point at you." The best examples will be posted on the board and each one will be talked about. The teacher will then set a standard for how he/she will try to respond positively to all students by first telling them what they did right in the situation and asking if there is anything they think they could do differently if change is needed.

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Close the warm-up/welcome exercises with nametag placement and assigning seats to students.


Cabral, E. (2007). A Scary First Day. (cover story). Scholastic News -- Edition 5/6, 76(3), 4.

Essay on Welcome to Your New Classroom, Assignment

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