Welcoming the Metro Sexual Male Essay

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The line between gay and straight blurred as a result. It was no longer taboo for a straight man to obsess over his body, his looks, his overall presentation. Now, he the straight man is expected to cultivate sex appeal, style, and fashion sense.

Meanwhile, two competing strains of women's beauty appear in the marketplace -- one, the "sexy" Victoria's Secret type of beauty; the other, the "realistic" woman. However, the fact that the "realistic" woman is played for jokes by comics like Mindy Kaling suggests that "realism" is not exactly an ideal. Mindy Kaling portrayed Kelly Kapoor in the hit sitcom The Office. Her facial features are wide and heavy. Her skin is dark. She is the opposite of what one might find on a Victoria's Secret runway. And yet she has charmed audiences with her "realistic" sense of humor. Lena Dunham has done the same. She first caught the eye of produce Judd Apatow after starring in her feature film Tiny Furniture. Apatow was drawn to the realism which she brought to her character on screen. Under Apatow's guidance she created another comedic universe, in which the "real" side of women might be shown. In the show Girls, Dunham plays Hannah Horvath, a twenty-something in Brooklyn, who learns life lessons the hard way, and who in no way measures up to the sex symbols typically found on the big and small screen. The charm of her character is that Hannah is a "real girl" -- not something fake or idealized.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Welcoming the Metro Sexual Male Assignment

For men, the ideal appears to be shifting away from sturdiness of character towards perfection in terms of appearance. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy first brought massive attention to the idea that men could care about their appearance just as much as women. The popular comedy South Park devoted an entire episode to skewering the "metro sexual" male in 2003. In the episode, Stan, Cartman, Randy and many other characters in the small town of South Park, Colorado, get caught up in the wave of metro sexuality. The men and the boys all go from looking like their former, normal selves to looking like glam-dolls. Kyle tries to resist the temptation to alter his sense of style and sense of self, but the peer pressure to conform to the new metro sexual trend is almost too powerful. In the end, the women of South Park get sick and tired of their men caring more about clothing, fashion, and beauty products than [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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