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Weld, C. (2007). Christian Clients Preferences Regarding Prayers as a Counseling Intervention. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 35 (4), 328 -- 341.

In the article, Christian Clients Preferences Regarding Prayers as a Counseling Intervention, the author (Chet Weld) discusses the use of prayer as a part of the mental health counseling process. Where, the two different practices are becoming increasingly used together, to help patients be able to change their overall emotional state. To determine this, Weld discusses all previous research on the subject going back many decades. An example of this can be seen with a 2004 study conducted of 578 mental health counselors in the United Kingdom. With 51% of the respondents saying that they use prayer as part of their mental health practices, in helping to change the patient's focus. This is significant, because it is just one piece of research that the author uses to highlight, the effectiveness of prayer, as a part of the mental health counseling process. (Weld, 2007 pp. 328 -- 341)

To corroborate the above research, the article discusses how an independent study was conducted of 165 adults and 32 therapists. In these numbers, 64% of the respondents were male, while 36% were female. A survey was conducted through interviewing the different subjects, about the use of prayer. The results of the study were: that 98% of the clients wanted to see some kind of prayer used during process. While, researchers found that those clients, who had modest expectations for prayer, would have improvements in their overall states of mental health. This is significant; because it shows how prayer can be used as a way to help calmly change a patient's emotional state. Once this occurs, the trained mental health professional can begin to understand the scope of the underlying problem and help to provide a solution. The most effective way to achieve this objective is to have the patient removed from a negative emotional stated. At which point, the positive emotions that they are feeling can help to slowly change the behavior of the individual. (Weld, 2007 pp. 328 -- 341)


This article was useful in helping to identify, how prayer can be used to have an impact upon the healing process. The reason why the article was chosen, is because prayer has often been seen, as something that was rather taboo among many mental health professionals. Where, a large number would view it as something that was reserved for the study of religion, not how the thoughts of a person could have an impact upon their behavior. However, over the years, research has been continuing to show the effectiveness of prayer, as an increasing number of mental health professionals began to use it as a part of their practice. The article, seeks to independently corroborate these views, by surveying various patients and therapist. The fact that the surveys showed that more mental health professionals are using prayer, in comparison with the other studies, highlights how it is becoming a part of their practice. This provides insights, as to how a psychologist can be able to change the focus of the discussion, by… [END OF PREVIEW]

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