Welfare Assignment Collections Unit case Essay

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However, it took too long. For instance, they were taking up about 45 minutes of everyone's time just to find five or six dissimilar identification numbers. Every one of the paralegals had a favored way of finding the ID number but it took a lot of time doing it.

They usually try to look for the number in the Current file at first. They mentioned that they never use the Master file since there are too many pages in it, and it's continuously misfiled. They complained that they do not have the time to constantly go through the pages every day.

Another employee described her system for getting the numbers and expressed that in her region there's an essential phone number where they call and they look up the numbers for them. This helps with the time and frees them up to do other things.

A third paralegal mentioned that in their region the WSO's are very unhelpful with ACU. They keep them on hold for 15 minutes and then just forget about them, or if they leave a message to have them call me back, it takes forever to hear from them.

Our huge issue, however, is getting the data back from the WSO's. It appears that most of them are just taking their time getting the information back to them. The ACU ask them to return the form back before 2 weeks is up, but it would end up taking about a month. ACU was also having problems with the kind of data they send back to them. Most of the times they don't consist of the whole payment history, so they are not able to get a correct figure to give the lawyer. They have all the data in the WSO, nevertheless it appears that some of them are just not interested in looking it up.

Backlog Issues

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Mrs. Hempstead was able to discover that over the years, an accumulation of active cases grew. This is because cases settled by the insurance company and lawyers most of the time waited 6 months or more for a final release. The busiest paralegals were saying that there was no way they could get caught up. Most of them come in early and then have to stay late. However, they never catch up because they get further and further behind. But it's not a smooth process -- there's no such thing as an average case.

Essay on The Welfare Assignment Collections Unit case Assignment

The real issue with this backlog is that the money is out there ready to be gathered, nevertheless there is not any e resources to get it. The element that a case has been started means that the ball is rolling. Equally the insurance company and the attorney are waiting to be told how much they owe ACU.

Problems with Management

The earlier manager of the unit, Hempstead's forerunner, shifted the workload among the Bodington and Plainville paralegals. He took the responsibility of the three main WSO's in the Bodington area from the Bodington paralegal and allocated them to the paralegal in Plainville. However, this was poor move on behalf of the management. Most of the paralegals do not think that this was a right call in regards to management. haven't been happy with the transfer and everyone knows it. Most had a light caseload, before the transfers

The manager that was before Hempstead's was seen as too rigid so when it came to compromise, it was not very effective. He was unwilling to find the middle ground very often or to make significant changes for money due.

In-Depth operations analysis

It would be wise for Mrs. Hempstead to use an in depth operations analysis which is the study of operational systems with the purpose of looking for chances for improvement.



Personnel Issues

• Provide paralegals with equal pay

• Paid Holidays and Vacations

• Make sure that the job grade of all 6 of the paralegals continues to stay equal to that of clerks in several other divisions.

• Make sure that management find permanent slots for all the paralegals and then to elevate their jobs.

Referral Issues

• Set up effective protocols that will make sure referrals are implemented faster.

• Make sure that their referrals are getting the priority needed.

• Employees will spend more time on referrals and less on other activities.

Unhappy Workers

• Make sure that the job upgrades are fair and comfortable for all employees.

• Some of those that were consultants did not want to be made permanent, with or without the upgrade. The new plan should not enforce them to do this.

Turnover Issues

• Turnover among the paralegals will be decreases by implementing programs that will help with transition of the employees.

• Paralegals complained that they were chained to their desks from 9-5 with bad pay. With that said, there needs to be better pay salaries to encourage the workers.

Case Processing Issues

• The case processing followed three steps which were the following: activation, auditing, and discharge. However, to improve this, there needs to be less time spent on each step.

• The Master file needs to be implemented properly.

• Improve better communication with the WSO's.

Backlog Issues

• Plant specific individuals that can just focus on the backlogs to get them caught up.

• Implement different strategies to make sure that employees follow the protocol that implement a new process that would keep them from getting backed up.

Problems with Management

• Undoing the old and ineffective protocol of old management.

• Implement long and short-term objectives that will help ACU.

A Cost/Benefit Framework for Assessing the Current Performance

Mrs. Hempstead will need to apply the cost/benefit framework. To deal with the problems, she have developed the Cost/Benefit Analysis Framework. This is a general framework for hierarchical cost/benefit analysis intended at offering acceptable assessments for ACU to improve their projects. The framework classifies misappropriation cases into groups of threats for which surveyed risks and financial data are openly existing.

Category of Threats

• Rejection of Service

• Increasing

• Sabotage of Data

• Backlog Issues

• Unauthorized Access by Insiders

• Slow service

• Poor communication with WSO

Category of Preventions

• Provide paralegals with equal pay

Make sure that management find permanent slots for all the paralegals and then to elevate their jobs.

• Employees will spend more time on referrals and less on other activities.

Paralegals complained that they were chained to their desks from 9-5 with bad pay. With that said, there needs to be better pay salaries to encourage the workers.

• Undoing the old and ineffective protocol of old management.

Baseline Risk

It will cost the company $85,000 to implement the plan

Bypass Rate

The probability that an attack will penetrate a ACU solution and result in noticeable issues that prevent it from happening. A 100% bypass rate means the security solution does not stop any incidents. In this case it is a 0% bypass rate which means the noticeable issues solution stops the firm from being successful.

Residual Risk

This is incident risk to the organization if the noticeable solutions are appropriately linked, used, and checked. In this case this would be all the risks because they are all connected.

Net Present Value (NPV)




Cost in First Year

New Services and cubicles to hire paralegals

650 square feet accessible next door at $18 for every square foot


Pay raises for the consultants and paralegals

Pay raises for both employees


Hire two more designers new attorneys

Salary, as well as benefits

Recruitment prices

training and Orientation




Two additional workstations

Furniture and hardware

Software licenses



Pay for the Upgrade

Two weeks at $7,500 revenue per week






Benefit Within

12 Months

50% income boost


Permanent paralegals $190 a week and consultants $220 per week with fringe benefits and time off with pay


10% improved productivity per consultant and paralegal ($6,500 + $5,750 = $19,250 income for each week with a 10% = $1,200/week)


Improved permanent slots for all the paralegals and then to upgrade their positions




What actions should Hempstead take?

Mrs. Hempstead needs to make sure she discusses the several problems that are beseting the unit. Even though beneficiaries were rightfully expected to report accidents for which DPW could recoup prices, Mrs. Hempstead was worried that several of them did not inform the Department. With that being said, she should make the following recommendations:

• Make sure that the DPW is not paying extra paid substantial medical bills for treatment to welfare recipients who failed to assign insurance proceeds to the state.

• Enforce rules and policies that make sure that others are aware that any recipient, by not notifying DPW of the accident, are still able to settle with an insurance company, while still being able to keep the entire settlement, and yet receive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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