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¶ … Rounded Individual

Being a Well-Rounded Individual in the Workplace

There are certain skills, qualifications, and abilities that people need to have to perform well in specific jobs. However, just being educated in a specific area or skilled in a specific area is not enough to assure success. Instead, there are also certain general abilities that people need to have. These abilities are the ones that make people well rounded in the workplace. An individual with these abilities is able to handle a range of tasks and deal with a range of situations effectively. The three skills areas that make an individual well-rounded are oral communication, written communication, and teamwork. These three skills areas will now be discussed to show why they are important and how they contribute to a person's success in the workplace.

Oral Communication

Regardless of what specific role a person is in, the ability to effectively communicate with others is crucial to success. This is important to communicate with superiors, to supervise others, to work with others in the organization, to work with people outside of the organization, to express one's ideas, and to solve problems and manage conflicts.

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The first point to note is that in any role in the workplace, a person always has a boss. This boss is the person that describes the individual's set tasks in the workplace and the person that determines their ultimate success. For example, if the boss does not view an individual as working well and completing set tasks, they are not likely to promote the individual. This makes it important to communicate effectively with the boss. This includes both listening to ensure that the boss is understood and reporting back to the boss to report on progress. If an individual is a good communicator they are more likely to work effectively and are also more likely to be seen as working effectively.

Term Paper on Well-Rounded Individual Assignment

Oral communication is also essential so that individuals can communicate effectively with subordinates. Considering that being successful in the workplace typically involves taking on a management or supervisory role, the ability to communicate with subordinates is especially important. Daft (16) notes that human skills become more important as a person progresses within the workplace. These human skills refer to how people work with and through others, with effective communication the key element. This means that effective oral communication can be a determining factor in whether or not an individual is successful in a supervisory or managerial role.

The same applies to working with other people in the organization, with effective oral communication essential to a person's success in the workplace. In saying this, it must be noted that in most positions, an individual will have to work with other people to perform their job effectively. Oral communication skills are needed to work with other people in the department, to work with other departments, to find out information, and to coordinate with others. Being able to communicate well makes a person more likely to be able to manage any kind of task effectively.

The ability to communicate effectively is also important to allow an individual to deal effectively with people outside of the organization. In some roles, this will involve dealing with customers and clients. In others, the individual might be dealing with the customer's suppliers. In other cases, a company might be dealing with an outside source that is providing some kind of service to the organization. In all of these examples, it is important that the person can effectively communicate so they can achieve their set task. In addition, it will also often be important that a person can build an effective relationship without people outside of the organization. One source notes this by referring to how many organizations are operating based on the idea that if you build good relationships, "profitable transactions will follow" (Kotler, Armstrong, Brown, & Adam 11). For an employee dealing with a customer, the profitable transaction might be getting a sale. For an employee purchasing a product or service, the profitable transaction might be negotiating a good deal. It could also involve gaining useful information from a source or arranging to have a certain task completed. The main point is that organizations have to make use of resources outside of the organization. For a person to play their part in this, they have to communicate to the third party what is wanted and build a relationship with the third party. The ability to communicate effectively is critical to ensuring success.

A well-rounded employee is not just one who can complete given tasks allocated by someone else. A well-rounded employee is one who can take initiative and play an active role in the organization. This includes the ability to come up with ideas for changes and improvements. Cherkasky (6) notes that in a competitive business environment, all organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve. Cherkasky (6) also describes how organizations want their employees to participate actively in suggesting needed improvements." In regards to communication, the important point is that it is not enough for a person to have a good idea. The person also needs to be able to describe their idea and convince others of its value. It is this process that turns an idea into a beneficial change and makes the individual an active contributor. In turn, this process requires effective oral communication skills.

Finally, it must be noted that problems and conflict are part of all workplaces, especially conflicts between individuals. They are a natural part of working and every person has to expect a certain amount of conflict. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is how well they manage the conflict. A successful person has the ability to communicate with the individual to manage the conflict. A successful person also has the ability to identify problems and communicate them to a suitable person. This illustrates that an individual with communication skills has the ability to manage conflicts effectively and eliminate problems. This makes the person an important contributor to the organization.

This illustrates the importance of oral communication in the workplace. The many benefits it provides explains why it is an important component of a well-rounded individual.

Written Communication

While oral communication skills are essential in the workplace, written communication is just as important. There are very few jobs that do not require some form of written communication and most high-level jobs require a significant amount of written communication. Windschuttle and Elliott (5) note that we are in the information age, which "demands that most people become not just receivers but the active producers of messages."

Written communication is used for so many purposes it is difficult to fully describe how important it is. However, just providing a few common examples is enough to show that it is a key skill. Example of written communication tasks including send internal emails to other employees or departments, sending letters to outside parties, sending memos within the organization, and completing job-related forms. Specific examples of important written communication tasks includes writing a performance appraisal of an employee, writing a sales letter to distribute to clients, writing instructions for employees to follow, or writing a letter to request information from a service provider. While this does not show the full extent of written communication in the workplace, it does show that it is still a crucial skill and one that a well-rounded individual needs to possess.


The final skill for a well-rounded individual is the ability to work as part of a team. This is important for employees who are part of formal teams and for employees who are part of informal teams. Formal teams refers to teams established for a specific purpose. Informal teams refers to teams or groups that are created but are not formally established. Being part of an informal team might involve working briefly with two other people to complete a certain task or solve a certain problem. Taking into account both types of teams, one source notes that many employees take part in as many as 20 group meetings a week (O'Hair, Friedrich, Wiemann, and Wiemann 420). This source also notes that being an effective group member is essential to a person's success in the workplace (O'Hair, Friedrich, Wiemann, and Wiemann 420). This shows that teamwork is an integral part of the workplace. This means that individuals need to be able to perform effectively as part of a team to perform effectively overall.

It is also worth noting that formal teams have become increasingly popular in all types of organizations. Self-directed teams have been introduced in many organizations as a way of increasing work effectiveness. These teams are made up of workers who continually rotate jobs to produce an entire product or service, while also managing the entire process (Bernardin & Russell 533). Another source notes that 82% of organizations "use problem-solving and decision-making groups or teams as an integral part of their operations and success" (O'Hair, Friedrich, Wiemann,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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