Wellness/Prevention Programs and Therapeutic Exercise Term Paper

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Even mild therapeutic exercise has been shown to benefit participants (Heath, 2002). Most people are deterred from therapeutic exercise programs because they feel regimens must be long or painful to produce results. Studies indicate just the opposite however. For therapeutic exercise to be most beneficial, exercise programs need "focus on long-term sustainability and enjoyment to achieve an optimal overall outcome" (King, 1991 & Heath 2002). Enjoyment does not necessarily involve a lengthy program. Participants who enjoy the exercise program they engage in are also more likely to stay with the program over a longer period of time, resulting in even greater health benefits. In one controlled study of 225 mostly sedentary adults, participants responded to even a brief "physician-delivered exercise program and walking" (Heath, 2002 & Calfas, 1996). In some instances a mere three to five minutes of activity resulted in at least improved mental outlook for patients, which in turn results in overall better wellness.

Therapeutic exercise can assist in increasing the "vitality, strength, flexibility, balance and general sense of well being" for patients who adhere to physician guidelines. The rewards may include decreased length of incapacity due to illness or injury, quicker gains as in the case of the stroke patients examined, and mental rewards for both patients and physicians (Heath, 2002).

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Physicians should be required to take an active role in the health and well being of their patients by routinely prescribing therapeutic exercises to patients. Such exercises, when viewed in a positive light are more likely to be embraced by patients. Patients who are introduced enthusiastically to therapeutic regimens are more likely to overcome their inhibitions and engage in more active lifestyles. The implications for wellness and disease prevention can not be ignored. Therapeutic exercise can result in better health mentally, physically and emotionally.


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