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[. . .] The population not only increases further prospects for development and investment but also implies that there is a sufficient workforce.

3. Educational Growth and Development

The city of Wentzville’s growth is most apparent in its School District, which has perceived a constant increase in the number of students once the school years start. For the past decade or so, the schools in the city grew and developed more than 120 percent, a two-fold increase in the student population. As a result, Wentzville has become the fastest growing district in the state of Missouri. In addition, the city has increased more than 8 new school buildings in the past 10 years or so. As a result, the city presently has places to educate its students and this has been conducted in a financially accountable manner. Despite the fact that there has been incredible growth, the city has one of the uppermost performing school districts within the state of Missouri. For instance, by the year 2010, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was accredited with distinction in performance for the fifth consecutive year (Scott, 2011).

4. Impressive job growth

The rate of unemployment in the city of Wentzville stands at 3 percent. This improving rate is significantly impressive as the prevailing unemployment rate of the nation stands at 5.20 percent. Secondly, the growth rate of jobs in the city is largely impressive prevailing at 3.34 percent whereas that of the United States in general is a lowly 1.59 percent. This indicates the key strength that the city has is not only decreasing the rate of unemployment, but also improving the number of jobs in recent times. Moreover, the city has a key strong suit in perceiving an impressive future growth rate for jobs in the next decade or so, as it is forecasted to be 43.69 percent. The city’s growth rate is expected to be substantially higher compared to the nation’s overall in the forthcoming period as the state has a future job growth of 37.98 percent (Best Places, 2017).


1. High standard of living

One of the shortcomings of the city of Wentzville is the high standard of living. This might dissuade residents from relocating to the expanse, purchasing homes and even limit the magnitude of investments. The cost of living in Wentzville is 10 percent higher than the Missouri mean cost of living. Secondly, the cost of living in Wentzville is equivalent to the nationwide average. Third of all, the cost of housing in Wentzville is 5 percent greater compared to the countrywide average.

2. Negative image of top public officials

One of the downsides and shortcomings faced by the city of Wentzville encompasses the negative image and character of the top public officials in the recent periods. In particular, in the past number of years, top government officials within the city of Wentzville have been included in wrangles and lawsuits owing to poor public misconduct. There is the lawsuit by Lisa Harrison, who was the Chief of Police in Wentzville against Nick Guccione, the mayor of the city and two Aldermen including Cheryl Kross and Sonya Shyrock. In addition, the former mayor was also facing lawsuits and eventually fined by a court of law. These actions and activities have led to the negative perspective of such officials from the general public and therefore giving rise to a lack of public confidence in carrying out their required duties in a diligent manner.


1. Available land for development

As a city, Wentzville has a massive amount of land that is accessible and available for fresh and new development together with a number of prospects for redevelopment (Wentzville City, 2015).

2. Increasing interest in investment

Wentzville has experienced a great deal of increase in new construction licenses and permits, which demonstrates the continued manifestation of interests from developers and also investments in the city (Wentzville City, 2015).

3. Funding Sources

The city of Wentzville has several different potential funding sources that will facilitate the accomplishment of infrastructure enhancements necessitated to incentivize development and investment in the city. This includes funding from the state through the Missouri Department of Economic Development. There is also potential financial assistance from St. Charles County Road Board with applications for Economic Development Grants that cover almost 70 percent to 80 percent (Wentzville City, 2015). For instance, St. Charles County economic development department works industriously to guarantee a climate that supports business and encourages the prevailing industries to not only grow but also expand, and also appeal to new businesses to invest in the community. The financial support encompasses help on available buildings and locations, business backing, and redevelopment (St. Charles County, 2017).


1. Long Commutes

One of the threats being faced by the city of Wentzville is long commutes. In particular, the prevalent challenge to the continued growth being experienced by the city is the rise in gasoline prices, which has increased in the past number of years for every gallon unit. This is largely for the reason that as the prices of gas increase, it implies that the residents experience as if they have shifted considerably farther away from the job markets. The increase in gas prices can limit the constant need for consumers to seek new houses in the city. The city is constantly working to maintain low home prices by analyzing the building codes of the municipality with the main aspiration that this will offset the concerns of the gas prices (Scott, 2011).

2. Rising population

From 2010 up until the present day, the city of Wentzville has experienced a growth rate of approximately 1.96 percent every year. This is a rate that is double that of the United States in general and approximately six times over the growth rate of the state of Missouri in the similar period of time. Projections indicate that this growth rate is bound to continue for the forthcoming 15 years. Despite the fact that this has been beneficial in placing the city on the map, it is also a threat. In these similar period of time, the city has perceived 27 new subdivisions platted within its confines. This outstanding population growth rate of the city of Wentzville poses a significant threat not only for the city’s school district, but also for the parks and recreation department.

Legal and Public Policy Issues

There are legal and public policy issues that are presently being faced by the City of Wentzville. One of the issues is lobbying regulations. In particular, lobbying reform is amongst the top agendas of the legislators in the city as well as in the state at large. In recent times, legislators and government officials have either had to resign or even faced lawsuits subsequent to allegations of personal misconduct. This is an imperative legal and public policy issue for the reason that it is necessary for the city at large and its administrators to be taking the initiative and institute the tone for the manner in which the general public perceive their activities in the city. More so, this is all the more important because so as to have the opportunity to take on fundamental policy issues, it is imperative for Wentzville city administrators including the Mayor and members of the Alderman to gain or regain the trust of the general public for them to be not only confident in the procedures but also in the individuals carrying out such procedures (The Missouri Times, 2016).

Another legal and public policy issue that is important in the city of Wentzville encompasses the revision of building codes. The officials in the city are taking into consideration numerous changes in building codes that would have an influence on the standards and benchmarks for engineering and designing. The Board of Aldermen are taking into account suggested alterations of zoning regulations with reference to subdivisions. These are contestations between the Aldermen and the Zoning Commissions. These alterations are purposed to modernize and restructure the city code provisions of Wentzville in order to make sure that they are in alignment with the provisions in St. Charles County. Basically, the suggested alterations are purposed to propagate the time permitted for the development of a piece of property devoid of the need for restitutions on a short period of time. This will give rise to lose regulations but at the same time are contested to increase the development of the city. The city of Wentzville has numerous lots that are ready for development. However, owing to the prevailing provisions, just over 300 homes can be constructed on an annual basis. This implies that it would take more than a decade to maximize these lots. Another area of contestation is street creep. This is an aspect that has given rise to a great deal of deliberation. This is largely for the reason that the city of Wentzville has faced a lawsuit regarding street… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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