West and Its War Against Syria and Assad Research Paper

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Syria and the Problem of War

Syria is a periphery country that is being impacted by war, which is a result of globalization. Since 9/11, the Middle East has been a prime focus of countries in the West, but today Russia is also involved and Putin is painted in Western media as an aggressor and an enemy even though he is actually leading the fight against ISIS in Syria. The reality is that the West and its allies are conducting a war against Assad in Syria rather than a war against the terrorist group ISIS. Why do the West and its allies want to control the region? It all has to do with oil and gas pipelines and geopolitics. If we start well before 9/11, we find that the think-tank PNAC in America was publishing documents calling for regime change in Iraq and Syria (Altheide, 2007). Now the country is dealing with attacks from ISIS, which consists of mercenaries that are supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well as the Western allies and Israel. While Assad in Syria has popular support, the West and its allies want regime change because of the geopolitical issues, such as pipelines and Greater Israel, that Assad stands in the way of and that Russia is now helping to fight against (Escobar, 2015).

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So Syria is a periphery country that is suddenly at the front and center of geopolitics and globalization issues. Because oil is such a major commodity and controlling routes for oil is a big concern for nations, as they can make money from the transference of oil and gas through their countries, Syria is a region that people want to control. What happened was that Assad in Syria refused to allow the Saudis to build a pipeline through his country. Instead, Assad wanted to work with the Iranians to build a pipeline. This would cause the Saudis and the Israelis to lose profits that would otherwise be generated from the flow of oil and gas through their respective countries. An Iran-Syria pipeline would bypass these countries completely and cut them out of the loop (Escobar, 2015).

Research Paper on The West and Its War Against Syria and Assad Assignment

9/11 served as a pretext for the neoconservatives in power under the Bush Administration to launch a "pre-emptive" strike against Iraq and to thoroughly destabilize that country, which fostered the conditions for the terrorist group ISIS to come into being. At the same time, that group has been supported by arms drops by the U.S. as it has moved into Syria and waged war against Assad. For years, the West (including the U.S.) has been attempting to overthrow Assad, using phony claims such as the one that stated that Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people. This was to serve as a pretext for an all-out American assault on Syria just a few years ago, but at the last minute Russia intervened and came up with a plan to remove chemical weapons from Syria (and since no proof of the alleged attack was ever provided, the pretext went away). This was just like the "pretext" given for the Iraq invasion: Saddam was said to have WMDs -- yet this claim was a complete lie.

Today, the West and its allies claim that they are fighting the terrorist group ISIS but it is obvious that what they want is regime change, as they have been pushing for it for so many years. However, with Russia now helping Syria alongside the Iranians, the control of ISIS in the region has been nearly broken. One would think that this is a good thing, but when it comes to the real interests of the West and its allies, it is not: they still want Assad out so that they can control the region and put in their pipeline. That is no longer happening though because Russia has taken the lead in the real fight against the terror group and its supporters (including the U.S.). One won't hear that narrative on mainstream Western media, however; as far as Fox News is concerned, the West is fighting ISIS. The reality is the West is supporting ISIS.

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