Western and African Art Term Paper

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Western and African Art

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Term Paper on Western and African Art Assignment

Which missionary poses the greatest danger to traditional African culture and beliefs, Mr. Brown or Reverend Smith? While Smith is the more personally unpleasant of the two Christians, and Mr. Brown seems to act out of his sincere convictions, however misguided, that he is doing the right thing in attempting to covert the native populace, Brown is the more dangerous of the two. Brown is able to sugar-coat his message with displays of tolerance, rhetorically equating the tribal god with what he regards as the one true God even though he does not really believe this to be the case. Brown does not actually believe that it is possible for people to worship his Christian God through Chuku. Achebe supports pluralism and cultural cross-pollination between African tribes, as exemplified in the positive but contrary influences Okonkwo is exposed to, during enforced stay with his wife's family and the positive incorporation of new children from other tribes that makes Okonkwo's son temporarily feel as if he as a future as a leader. However, the pluralism of Brown is a false pluralism, and has ulterior motives of eradicating the culture of another people. The failure of Okonkwo to change to help his people and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Difference Western and African Art Term Paper

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