Western Art and Christianity Essay

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Although the work is considered one of the greatest paintings ever created, it is a firmly religious piece, with Jesus as its centerpiece. The painting displays the heartbreak that all Catholics feel over the concept of original sin, and has a deeply grim quality to it, regardless of its spiritual subject.

In contrast to these two traditional pieces, Claude Monet's Impression, Sunrise, was created during an era that began to show signs of a more secular movement. Like most of the secular works during the Impressionist movement, this painting is beautiful in its choice of colors and the flow of the brushstrokes. It was created in 1872, with help in part from Monet's longtime patron and department-store owner Ernest Hoschede. The painting is a strong departure from the religious works of the past. Whereas many of those works tended to depict specific religious scenes or events in a very deliberate and realistic manner, Monet's form of Impressionism is flowing and bright. The brushstrokes are sweeping and less calculated, although the finished product is quite accurate in depicting the feeling of a sunrise, rather than attempting to create a photographic copy.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Western Art and Christianity During Assignment

Finally, Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon epitomizes the new era of painting and expressive art. His unashamed subject matter, depicting five nude female prostitutes, would have been far from acceptable in the time of da Vinci, and its stylistic approach, abstract in nature, is now referred to as Cubism. The work was widely controversial in 1907, when it was created, and although it is a secular piece, it was a large divider amongst religious and non-religious art aficionados. The subject was considered to be shocking and appalling at the time, and Picasso seemingly created this work for…
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