Westjet Businesses Throughout the World Research Paper

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Another consequence of not properly managing risks is the destruction that liability claims and lawsuits have is it pertains to destroying WestJets reputation. Passengers want to know that they are safe when flying with an airline. Although some risks is assumed in any type of travel, companies who have a reputation of negligence are less likely to be able to attract passengers. This could cost the company a great deal of money and ultimate lead to the demise of the company.

In addition defaming the name or business reputation of another company could also be quite detrimental to WestJet. Although defamation is difficult to prove, once it is proven the penalties for engaging in defamation can be devastating to a company. In most cases once defamation is proven, the company that was defamed can receive a substantial monetary award. Additionally if WestJet participates in the defamation of another airline passengers may choose to purchase tickets from WestJet's competitors.

To manage these risks the airline has taken safety very seriously and adheres to all of the established protocol for having planes inspected. These inspections are needed because they ensure that the aircraft is safe and that it can be flown safety. In addition the company is constantly attempting to find ways to make air travel safer and therefore reducing the risk that something catastrophic will happen.

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In addition the company has made a concerted effort to guarantee that food is prepared properly so that foods borne illnesses do not occur. In addition the airline has policies related to food handling and as an aspect of the company's policy all employees handling food must wash their hands prior to food handling. The company also pays careful attention to expiration dates and has an organized system whereby food products with the nearest expiration date are always used first. Additionally, when a flight attendant or other member of the staff sees that a product has expired they are to dispose of it immediately and not serve it to passengers.

Research Paper on Westjet Businesses Throughout the World Assignment

The company is also committed to properly representing the products that it offers. The company's marketing department carefully details the services that the company provides and when advertising the department guarantees that the products and services are properly represented. In addition the company makes a concerted effort to ensure that the product and services offered are consistent with their description. This means that if a flight is scheduled to have one lay over and two meals this is what the passengers can expect and this is what they will receive. In doing this the company will be able to avoid the liability that would come if they misrepresented the products or services that they offered.

Although the company has been active in trying to reduce the change of having a plane crash, the events do happen even to carriers who have pristine records as it relates to accidents and crashes. If the company is sued it has enlisted a competent team of lawyers and WestJet has insurance that will compensate families in case of injury or death. Managing the risks in this way creates some protection for WestJet in case an accident does happen and families need to be compensated for injury or death.

The company is also adamant about not defaming other airlines. The company recognizes the serious issues that can come about if it were to face a defamation lawsuit. As such the company desires to simply offer passengers the best flight experience that it can for the lowest cost. In concentrating on what WestJet is accomplishing as it relates to the service provided to passengers, the company will not have time to defame the practices or policies of other airlines.

WestJet has entered into several types of contracts that decrease the risks associated with negligence. The major contracts that WestJet have are associated with the purchase and maintenance of their aircraft, employment contracts with various unions and employees, fuel contracts, travel agencies, and passengers. Contracts associated with the purchase of aircraft is important because some of the safety issues that some airlines have faced have to do with the age of their fleets. Contracts with aircraft makers such as Boeing guarantee that WestJet can get new aircraft at specific times so that the fleet can be kept in good condition. Contracts with maintenance companies are vitally important to decreasing risks because it ensures that the aircraft are working properly. Many accidents over the years involving airplanes could have been avoided had the aircraft had the proper maintenance. These contracts assist WestJet in mitigating risks associated with flying damaged or broken aircraft.

Employment contracts are also important at every level of the organization. At the executive level it is important for WestJet to hire and make contracts with executives that are experienced and can lead the company in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the company. This type of contract is important because it ensures that the company will have the leadership to reduce risk in both the short-term and long-term.

The contracts that WestJet has with its pilots are also vitally important. All of the pilots meet the credentials established by the Canadian government. These credentials are designed to guarantee that all pilots flying commercial airplanes have received the proper training. This means that all of the pilots have flown a substantial amount of hours to ensure that they can handle many different situations while piloting a plane. Additionally the contract specifies how much rest the pilot needs to have prior to flying the plane and how many hours the pilot can fly in a 24-hour period. This type of contract assist in decreasing risk because it reduces the likelihood that there will be pilot error or some other issue related to the inexperience of the pilot.

Contracts with lower level employees are important because they are often the face of the company because these are the individuals who interact directly with the public. As such it is important for the contract that WestJet has with lower level employees to be fair and complete with benefits. Such contracts ensure the happiness of the employees which increases the likelihood that they will represent the company appropriately.

Travel agencies and passengers also have important contracts. These contracts assist in reducing risks because they establish standards for the treatment of travelers. Travel agencies will not recommend their clients to companies that are unsafe or has a poor reputation. In addition passengers allow the company to function and realize a profit. Customers also allow the company to test the products and services offered to see if they are compatible with the needs of customers.


The purpose of this discussion was to describe the impact of the legal system, risk management, torts, and contracts on WestJet. The research indicates that various types of liability constitute the tort risks for WestJet airlines. These risks are associates with plane accidents that cause injury or death, food poisoning and defamation. The research indicates that through careful strategic planning these risks can be reduced greatly. These strategies include the implementation of the proper policies In addition the various contracts that he company has also reduces the tort risks that the company has because they ensure that the company can work effectively to reduce risks associated with possible claims of negligence. Overall WestJet seems to have a stable and effective way of managing risk through strategic planning and important contracts.

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