White Walls Crept Up Poem

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She made soup. He didn't even write me back.

I checked. At the top there, it says "messages," and I checked again and again. Nothing there, like my walls. Bare and bland, I hate them so I envision what I would do if they were not as white as they are.

Would I prefer that they were bare but red, black, green, or purple?

I try to imagine my cream colored satin sheets against each color in turn, and they all look better than white. Having never painted walls,

I laugh inwardly at the sad, sad state of affairs my lovestruck mind has melted into. The pug is soft, his fur is blending with the satin sheets. If he were here, his skin would be warm against mine and the pug would have two people in his bed to love.

The tear, the one that always resides behind my eyes, it appears. Once the tear appears, it is impossible to put it back.

It stays, like I wish he stayed, but he didn't and now I'm here, with the white walls growing and expanding in their infinite emptiness. They will get dirty and stained. And I will watch them every morning mock my emptiness. The next tear has arrived with a shallowness of breath that catches the attention of the pug.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Poem on White Walls Crept Up Around Assignment

The pug leaps off the bed and out of the room, because he is hungry. So…
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