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Whole Foods Market

Whole Food Market - Argumentative Essay

The Whole Food Market in Union Square is a hub of excitement every Christmas as hundreds of customers shop for the idea holiday gift or ideal holiday meal. More so now than ever before, customers are selecting whole, organic and unprocessed foods as part of their every-day menu. Customers are also demanding organic and natural products for their skin and for their every day needs. The Whole Foods Market in Union Square is one of the most popular markets of any other in the industry, popular among laypeople and celebrities alike, mostly because the store offers the best quality foods, products and accessories for earth-conscious consumers. Unlike other food chains that offer a small selection of natural and organic beauty products, household items and food, whole foods has committed to multiple lines of natural and organic and often recycled products. Consumers shopping at the Whole Foods Market in Union Square know they are getting the best possible product, because the store is set up like no other; clerks are not just clerks, they are specialists in their department. For example, if you were to walk into the WFM (Whole Foods Market) in Union Square in search of a health or beauty product manufactured from all natural ingredients, or specific ingredients like tea tree oil, then you would find a specialist clerk or aid working in that department to help you decide which product would best meet your needs based on your budget, your skin type and your desires.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Whole Food Market Assignment

Whole Foods Market was first founded as a one-stop shop in Austin, Texas in 1980 (WholeFoodsMarket.com, 2007). The store now ranks among the world's best, internationally recognized as a leader in retail and organic food products. Whole Foods store's are now located in more than 260 different locations that span across the globe (WholeFoodsMarket.com, 2007). For this reason, one can support the claim that WFM is a leader in organic foods and retail items. Each store sells items that are local or native and indigenous to the region the store operates from; because of this, customers can rely on Whole Foods Market to provide them with the freshest produce and other natural foods native to the region where the store is located (WholeFoodsMarket.com, 2007).

Critics would argue that Whole Foods Market is no different from any other small, organic food store. On close examination however, one can see this is not the case. Whole Foods is one of the largest retailers of "natural and organic products throughout the world" (WholeFoodsMarket.com, 2007). The store also is among the first to offer a wide selection of products native to the region the home store is located, because WFM collaborates with "small, uniquely dedicated food artisans" (WholeFoodsMarket.com, 2007). For this reason WFM, unlike many traditional retailers, can offer organic whole foods and natural products that are more diverse in nature than any other single or small retail store could offer.

Critics also argue that Whole Foods is "too expensive" for the average person to shop at. However, WFM has ranked among Fortune 100s "Best Companies to Work for" partly because WFM offers its employees so much in the way of benefits and employee "perks" and partly because the store offers its organic products at the lowest cost possible when compared to traditional retailers. Most traditional, or non-organic stores, mark-up foods they receive from small artisans much more than whole foods market would. While the prices at WFM at Union Square may be more expensive than some generic retailers like Safeway, one must realize that the markup is minimal when one compares the benefits of shopping at WFM with the benefits of shopping at a traditional retailer. WFM is much less likely to mark up a product than Safeway Stores' would be. For example, if one compares the price of "Annie's Organic" pizza snacks, a product sold at WFM in Union Square and at Safeway, one would note the product is always more expensive at Safeway, or at the very least, one would note only Whole Foods carried the product, since not all Safeway stores carry the same lines of products that WFM does. One can also note that many people that are unable to shop at traditional retailers, including individual with celiac disease for example, a disease that limits one's dietary intake to non-gluten and wheat containing foods, can shop with wild abandon at WFM. The same person however, would have a limited number of gluten and wheat free pasta, cereal and related products to shop for if they chose to shop at Safeway or another brand name traditional market.

Whole Foods Market caters to many subtypes within the population. For example, the store caters to people with food and gluten sensitivities, offering one of the largest selections of products that are wheat and gluten free, corn free or peanut and nut free. WFM also provides products in the meat and dairy case that are natural, and raised without hormones or nitrates, or other additives that may prove damaging to one's immune system or their physiological make up over time. WFM also offers foods that are exclusively crafted for select natural and organic retailers. On any given day someone can find a selection of interesting, new and diverse products.

As if all of this weren't enough, the WFM at Union Square prides itself on its customer service. WFM is committed to providing its' customers with the utmost care and quality service. Customers are encouraged to comment on their experiences. The store posts a record of comments and recommendations provided by customers on a billboard where all customers can peruse the thoughts and opinions or needs of other shoppers. The management staff also posts their response to customer inquiries, so customers know the store does care and did respond to their comment or recommendation. Unlike other food chains or natural and organic product retailers, WFM also offers courses and classes for customers that focus on teaching people how to cook international or healthy foods for their families. The store continuously focuses on diversity, and encourages its customers to embrace the diverse culture in which we live. This is a testament to WFM dedication to customers locally and internationally.

Customers at WFM can save money by using their own grocery bags, or by purchasing a reusable bag at WFM or another retailer. Customers receive 5% off their purchase when they bring their own bag; they can opt to donate this money to charity if they want. The WFM in Union Square allows customers to donate to various local and national causes. They can do this by donating a portion of their discount if they bring their own bags, or offers customers an opportunity to donate separately, in any amount they want, for upcoming events like promotions for breast cancer. While some traditional retailers also collect foods for food drives periodically, WFM continuously donates a portion of its profits to charities throughout the world and encourages its customers to do the same. In doing so WFM hopes to help support a sustainable lifestyle so that consumers begin learning how to preserve and appreciate the world they live in and start learning how to sustain our precious natural resources.

One of the most striking features of the WFM is the team of people or employees that work for the organization. WFM carefully screens its potential employees, noting their values, wants, desires and lifestyle practices. WFM commits to its employees, and expects them to commit to the organization. Because of this, WFM only hires the best of the best employees. On entering the Union Square Whole Foods Market, one would find they are pleasantly surprised by how helpful and kind the staff that work there are to customers. They will eagerly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Whole Foods Market Term Paper

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