Where and With Whom I Find Peace Term Paper

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Everyone has had an issue, problem, or just plain disaster that is directly related to family. Whether we are surrounded by positive family relationship models or negative family relationship models, there are lessons to be learned from the family. This is very difficult process.

I have troubled relationships with members of immediate and extended family over the course of my life. It has taken me years to understand not all relationships are strong, are positive, or work out. Learning this tough lesson through troubled relationships with my family has brought me peace. On the other hand, the positive relationships I have with my family give me a sense of peace directly and immediately. I am grateful for the warmness in my family life and family home. I am grateful that my family has provided me a strong sense of home, and what it means to have or build a home with others. When I am ready for my own family, the lessons I have learned from my family will help make my new family stronger. These feelings of home and love from my family and home give me great peace.

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My friends give me a great sense of peace because I need them just as they need me. It brings me pleasure to be a good friend. It is also a good feeling to know there are people who know how to be a good friend to me. I have not always had good friends. Or there have been times when I thought good friends were just that, when, in fact, they were the exact opposite. I am, in a way, grateful for the bad friends because they have become strong and clear examples of people I need to stay away from. I am also grateful for bad friends because I learned about what type of person I was at the time we were friends that allowed me to sustain relationships with bad people. One activity I especially enjoy to do with friends is taking vacations. Sometimes we can take an in-town vacation, but other times we will travel near and far to have some relaxing times and make fond memories. Friendship feelings and experiences are so valuable to me. My friends give me feelings of peace.

Term Paper on Where and With Whom I Find Peace Assignment

I know that a true source of peace is to know peace within myself. I must have peace in myself before I can know peace other places or with other people. If I do not know peace within myself, how can I know it or find it elsewhere? It would be so hard and probably false. Using my imagination gives me peace. Again, sometimes it is very hard to live in this world of ours. At least in my imagination, I can dream about places where people are happy and the world is fair, or whatever my dreams may be. In my imagination, I can know peace as I dream of what I want to do with my life -- what activities would truly make me happy, and I can imagine myself doing those things, being successful, and being more happy as a result. I can imagine myself and my life in the future or remember the past. I also believe that without imagination there is no innovation, so to keep my imagination and my mind active gives me peace as well.

Finding peace within is a wonderful but also a difficult achievement. It is easy to go looking for it in the wrong places. When we find what brings us peace, it is important for us to return to those places, wherever they are -- within us or outisde us. Additionally, when a person does what he/she enjoys, there is a natural peace that arises within. Inner peace brings in alignment with the outer world. Inner peace also leads to a lot more success than if a person has a lot of inner turmoil. Cultivating inner peace is an invaluable skill that proves useful for each all. It is worth the time and the effort to locate and return to the places and people where we find peace.


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