Whs Risk and Management Practices the Company Essay

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WHS Risk and Management Practices

The company that is being examined is Rio Tinto PLC. They have operations around the globe that are focused on mining a number of precious metals including: bauxite, aluminum; copper, gold, silver, molybdenum diamonds, borates, salt, titanium dioxide feed stocks, purity iron, metal powders, zircon, rutile, thermal, coking coal, uranium and iron ore. The size of the firm is 77 thousand employees in 40 different countries. (Corporate Profile 2012)

They have strategic offices located in number of areas throughout the world to include: London, New York and Melbourne. The majority of the firm's operations are located in Australia and North America. However, they also have numerous assets in other regions such as: Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. (Corporate Profile 2012)

The firm is utilizing a traditional management structure. This is when all operations are controlled from a central headquarters in London. Yet, tremendous amounts of flexibility are provided to regional Presidents. They have the responsibility for controlling operations inside specific locations and ensuring that the company's objectives are being continually met. (Corporate Profile 2012)Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Whs Risk and Management Practices the Company Assignment

The firm has tradition of extracting natural resources going back to 1873. Over the course of time, it has concentrated on expanding into other areas of natural resources that are continually in demand. The work environment is known for having high amounts of pressure with employees being pushed to meet the company's objectives at all costs. This means that there is intense pressure to ensure that these goals are met regardless of safety standards and practices (which could be circumvented). These different elements are showing how risk management procedures are being continually overlooked in order for everyone to meet specific guidelines. This is based upon the challenges associated in keeping up with tremendous amounts of demand. As result, their approach to WHS management is concentrating identifying potential threats to their operations. They are utilizing the management practices and policies to circumvent the procedures that are being utilized. This has resulted in the firm engaging practices that have harmed the environment and created labor unrest in select locations. (Fanning the Flames 2010) (Lea 1999)

Part Two

Briefly list and describe any WHS and risk management systems in place.

The company has WHS management systems in place with a safety officer at each location. Their responsibility is to assess any kind of adverse impacts of different working conditions on personnel. At the same time, there is an environmental manager. Their job is to make certain that the company is engaging in practices that are protecting the ecology. They will report their findings to an executive committee who is responsible for understanding these challenges and addressing them by reporting any issues inside a particular location. (Corporate Profile 2012)

Systems for identification of risks at your workplace (list). Are they effective? Consider examples such as observation, audits, site walkabouts, statistical data, consultation and records.

On the surface, the company's workplace safety and environmental standards are considered to be satisfactory. Evidence of this can be seen with the fact that the firm had zero work related accidents in the last five years in Australia and North America. These are some of the busiest locations, as they have mines that are working around the clock to meet increasing demand. However, there are number of other facilities where there have been confrontations with labor and management. This is because they are encouraging personnel to circumvent these guidelines in order to meet critical deadlines. These issues have resulted in the company facing labor and environmental disputes. (Corporate Profile 2012) (Fanning the Flames 2010)

Systems for assessment at your workplace (list). Consider how hazards are analyzed and prioritized (likelihood and consequences of risks), documentation of assessment process and the consultative process such as risk assessment matrix or expert advice. Are they effective?

The basic hazards are analyzed through an onsite safety officer. They have the responsibility of directly connecting with upper management and informing them of potential issues impacting specific locations. At the same time, they are reporting their findings to executive committees who are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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